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25 year old grape vine not well.


By samba


Can anyone identify the cause of the problem I have with this 25 year old grape vine? This year the fruit has not developed like previous years. About four weeks ago I used a generic fungal spray on it, but this doesn’t appear to have had any effect. Does anyone know if there is anything else I can do to save the vine?

Thanks for looking!

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this looks as if the plant has got too hot. This happened to mine last year and it is fine so far this year.
increase the watering and improve the ventilation and i hope you see some improvement.

29 Jun, 2010


Thanks for replying. Hope thats the case. Its actually my mum and dads vine, they are greatful for your comment! Thanks so much.

1 Jul, 2010


welcome samba.

1 Jul, 2010


Yes thanks Seaburngirl. Lets hope it gets "better" next year.

(Samba's Mum)

6 Jul, 2010


looks like a pollination problem, I have a black grape
vine 40 years old still getting great grapes
never have any problems never sprayed the leaves
just watered the base of the plant

17 Oct, 2016

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