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What fuchsias are good for hedges

Cork, Ireland Ie

My girlfriend and I are in the process of establishing a hedge made entirely of fuchsias (replacing the existing Privet/Poor Man's Box hedge on the west side of our south-facing garden). Although only a few varieties of fuchsias are recommended by most websites and garden centres for hedging, I've discovered several types growing in gardens around me (in Cork, Ireland - perfect climate for fuchsias!) either in existing hedges, or forming large enough bushes that I reckon they'd be fine in a hedge. These include a few usual suspects (e.g. Riccartonii, Mag. Alba, Mrs Popple), but also some very unexpected varieties. One hedge I saw yesterday was formed principally of Swingtime, growing to about 7ft, though every source of information I've found has described as purely a basket variety! If you have come across known varieties of fuchsia in a hedge, I'd be very grateful if you could tell me about them. And if you have experience of growing a fuchsia hedge I'd be delighted to get some advice from you!

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The basic riccartonii is the only one I've ever seen, and that was in Devon. In London, the top growth can be killed back down to the base in a bad winter (and was, apparently, in Devon this year in places). I also think Fuchsia looks particularly unappealing in winter, even if it regrows from the upper parts in the Spring. But perhaps where you live, it does better.

7 Jul, 2009


Hi Bamboo. Fuchsias do spectacularly well in SW Ireland, and I have no real worries about substantial frost damage once the hedge becomes established - last year was our coldest winter for ages and there was very little die-back on the fuchsias around us. As for the scraggly appearance of the plants in the winter, I reckon we'd only have to put up with this for 3 or 4 months, as most fuchsias in Cork keep leaves (and in many cases their flowers!) well into December, and regrowing them by April.



7 Jul, 2009


Lucky you. Put a photo up then, when its up and flourishing, I'd like to see it, should be fabulous.

7 Jul, 2009


Have a look at Spritzhenrys photos, Peatysmokey....she has a lovely pale Hardy Fuchsia that may look great interspersed with the Ricartonnii,
It's Fuchsia Magellicana. I have Brutus which is Hardy and a vivid purple and Red too.

7 Jul, 2009


Thanks Janey, I had a look at Spritzhenry's pale fuchsia and it is F. magellanica alba - grows very well in several hedges around us in Cork, and will definitely be in our own. Cheers, Mark

8 Jul, 2009


Like you, I am too looking for hedging fuchsias. However, when I spole to my mother's gardener, he explained to me that the varieties recommended for hedging purposes are due to the fact that they recover very quickly after pruning and therefore, continue to flower profusely, unlike all the other varieites which take weeks to get going again. Hedging varieties need pruning twice a year, unless you wan tthem to grow to their full 10 foot in height!

17 Jul, 2009


Thanks Lellie. Just to check, which varieties have you come across as being recommended for hedging? Anything apart from the ones I mentioned? We'll be planting out in the next month or so. I'll give updates as the hedge grows (first one will be about a year from now) - would be grateful for news of anything you discover, too! Best wishes, Mark

17 Jul, 2009


I grew a 30 foot long hedgerow that was 8 feet tall on the Orkney islands, where the weather is really tough on plants. the varieties I planted were Riccartonii and Hawkshead. Hawkshead have almost white flowers and they come into flower a month or so after riccartonii. a few inches of mulch round the roots befor the onset of winter is the best protection. after the first winter I did'nt give any more protection and they thrived. unfortunately due to moving house I no longer have that hedge but i brought some cuttings to start again

23 Nov, 2010


Thanks Islander and everyone who contributed to this thread. Our hedge really got going this year, though the hard hard winter of 2009-2010 killed several of the fuchsias back to ground level. Unsurprisingly, the riccartoniis are now the tallest, though magellanica varieties alba and versicolor (also called variegata) are also ridiculously strong growers. Other contributors to the hedge proper include Mrs Popple (out in front and spilling over onto the lawn as a consequence, but showing enough vigour that I'm convinced it would do OK in hedge), a random pink sepal+purple petal plant that I took a cutting off from a garden in the area, and (surprisingly) Swingtime, which everywhere lists as a trailer but grows upwards strongly and vigorously if surrounded by taller plants. Will have to prune hard in March or so, and will photograph next summer!

24 Nov, 2010

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