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Soak the plant pot, dig a hole somewhere big enough to take a tree that will spread all round up to 8/10 feet, throw in some fish blood and bone or general purpose fertiliser or chicken manure pellets, peat if you've got it, bit of multi purpose compost if not, take the plant out of the pot, untangle the roots so they're not coiled in a pot shape, put it in the hole, making sure the hole is deep enough, backfill with the soil you've removed and tread down, then water.
You will need at least eight feet out in a circle all round the central trunk of the plant, preferably ten feet, of clear space, no fences, no other plants, no walls. Oh, and wear protective goggles, gloves and thick clothing - it's a prickly damn thing and goes through thin clothing and can poke you in the eye quite easily.

7 Jul, 2009

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