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I was feeling a bit down this week, what with Spritz giving me the evil laugh, a visit to MATS for leg examination and then on to the hospital for X-rays..might have to have new knees…and I totally HATE hospitals.

To cap it all, we are having a small terraced garden built especially for my irises and rain stopped play today. The one bright moment this week was Christine Ohurugu and the cricket!!!

So I did what all we Goyers do when we are down, I visited a garden centre. I bought a Goldsturm, a Penstemon “Czar” at £1.99 each, and a Crocosmia Venus for an unmentionable sum. I also rashly bought some seeds.

Then we went shopping in Aldi, and what did I espy? Gorgeous Hibiscus plants for £3.99! Naturally I bought two..a white Jeanne d’Arc, and Blue Bird.

Nothing like honest-to-goodness garden retail therapy to raise the spirits!!

After that I began to feel better…the sun came out and my terraced gardens are progressing nicely.

We had a lot of frost damage and these brick steps were an awful mess, so we had them redone while we were at it.

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Sunshine after the rain then.....retail therapy is rarely painful..except on the pocket!...
What did Spritz do to you!!!

16 Aug, 2013


I think that's what I could do with right now lol! The terraced garden is a great idea Tet and I love the steps. Penstemon “Czar” is a beauty, I bought it a couple of years ago :o)

16 Aug, 2013


We all go through bad patches Tet. The older you are
the longer they seem to last.
I have learned to treasure the skills I already have, and
not keep wanting new ones.
A visit to the best Osteopath in the county saved me the
knee operations 25 years ago. Worth every penny of the charge. The muscles in your legs pull to protect the knees,
then the muscles connected to them pull to protect those
muscles, so painkillers are not the best idea. A Dr of Osteopathy will treat all the muscles on your body that are pulling, and causing the pain. It happened to me, so I know. Usually private only, but worth every penny to
avoid the trauma of hospital.

Give it some thought.

16 Aug, 2013


I cant imagine an evil laugh :p but she certainly has a wicked and delicious sense of humour. sorry you have been down in the dumps but hey the plants are gorgeous. I saw hibiscus too but I was a good girl :o) just bought sausages and mushrooms.

crocosmia looks interesting too .Hope you feel much better soon.

16 Aug, 2013


The steps are lovely, beautifully done, treasure a good builder! The new terrace will be terrific, can't wait to see it planted up and in flower.
Sad about the knees, comes to us all I suppose. I visit the Osteopath and very good he is too, you need a tame one hidden in the cupboard to use when needed! Most of the NHS doctors disapprove of the Osteopaths, but Hey! if it works, can't please everyone.
Retail plant therapy - can't beat it and what's one more plant (or several), you get the joy of buying them and the pleasure of planting and enjoying them - see, sunshine all round!

16 Aug, 2013


Pamg. SBGirl, Spritz and I have been having a great laugh over Henry's "snail game" (see my new plants Guava Ice) and was well and truly done over with her wicked sense of humour....hilarious lol!

16 Aug, 2013


Annella, have wanted "Czar" for a while now..and this was a lovely little plant at a reasonable cost. Should flower well next year. You aren't alone in your recommendation so Im looking forward to seeing it.

16 Aug, 2013


Diana, I have severe degredation of the knees thru arthritis but will move mountains to avoid surgery! Ive hade physio to strengthen muscles but still have very few painfree days. As our main interests are walking and gardening I will do anything to be able to continue doing these things, so will bear in mind your kind suggestions!
Honeysuckle, this builder is such a nice guy too, and his wife is an avid gardener, so will be treasuring his phone no.! Am trying to bottle the sunshine for the winter lol!

SBG the crocosmia is a little beauty, but I havent forgotten my promise of Star of the East. Apparently March is the best time to dig up the huge clump so will send then. Can't believe you resisted buying some plant...hope you are feeling ok? lol!

16 Aug, 2013


GPs have to see 56 patients a day. Osteopaths treat
8 patients a day and earn the same money.
Its jealousy.
Osteopaths know more than NHS Physiotherapists.
The ones with DO after their names have Doctorate of
Osteopathy - they are the best.
Its that knowledge you pay for.
Worth every penny.

17 Aug, 2013


Your new terrace and steps look beautiful,Tet..that must be a winner,even if your poor knees aren't ,and some lovely plants to cheer you up too..I do hope you get sorted sooner rather than later,so you can continue with the things you love to do most..I feel so lucky not to have inherited my mum's genes..such a painful time for everyone who suffers ..take care x

17 Aug, 2013


Now Tet, I don't know where to start ....I hope you are not spoiling that wonderful garden with your overarching greed for more and more irises:-) I trust your good taste though, are they at the side of the steps? Don't go mistaking them for steps in a drunken haze:-) I buy seeds sometimes and hardly ever sow them, but when I buy them, it's as good as seeing them in reality so money well spent:-) I had a hibiscus in my old garden, it took years to flower and just after it did, someone who was helping me with the garden cut it right down to the ground almost ... I wept. I'm going to google your new plants which I don't know now :-)

17 Aug, 2013


Love your new terrace Tet. and the newly laid bricks too all looking very smart. Hope you get your knees sorted out not something to look forward to but the sight of those Iris in flower is :)

17 Aug, 2013


Brick steps are knockout Tet....and what about that Terrace? An amazing place for iris....will be looking out for that next year! :)))

17 Aug, 2013


Oh girls, you do spoil just lift my spirits with the are all such a tonic!
Thanks Bloomer, and BA, yes at the side of the steps and luckily all hemmed in by railings as you know. Not that I'm likely to get tipsy these days, it doesnt go with Arfer!!

Grandmage, Karen I do hope these plants appreciate the trouble Im going to, just for their well being! I'm even trying to find out where I can buy crushed seashells to mulch the soil with so slugs and snails won't get a look in!
And filled with sandy loam should provide them with the perfect living quarters. Im also thinking of getting a woven sort of curtain or fence to tie against the top railings to help with the east wind that howls thru the alley way in the winter.

17 Aug, 2013


Oh and btw BA, I'm really hoping to set these might just get a catananche or a cosmos if I do. (Been like you in the past not doing too much with them but the greenhouse is quite appealing in March, warmer than outside)

17 Aug, 2013


The only seeds I've had true success with were at my old garden. They were Limnanthes, nemophila, godetia and monarda which always ended up with mildew. I might buy some nemophila again, very pretty and the godetia. I've never had a greenhouse so went for hardies. I used to have quite a lot of houseplants too and I'm hoping to keep my coleus, which are gorgeous, in the house this winter and plant them out again next year. Can't for the life of me remember how much light they need. I could keep them in the garage which has some light, what do you think? I did buy a cosmos in flower a couple of years ago, a very nice compact, well behaved plant it was too. Much to my delight it self seeded, I had lots of babies, unfortunately it's children grew into monsters towering above everything! Your cosmos look very pretty:-))

18 Aug, 2013


Have you tried cuttings of coleus?
I seem to remember my mum pruning them back when they got leggy and putting them in water on the kitchen windowsil.
They looked nice in pots as house plants, especially if she mixed the leaf colours like Karen did with the heuchera

18 Aug, 2013


I did that too,Pam,when I last had Coleus..they take so easily don't they? lovely as house plants on the brightest window sill in winter..they went in the garden the following summer..hope this helps you,Ba..go for it :o)

18 Aug, 2013


Yes, that's what I did ...rooted them in water when I pinched them out, can I keep on cutting them though? and is it better to just plant up rooted cuttings or can I bring the biguns into the house and will they be ok in the garage with not very bright light like on a window sill and if I bring in the biguns should I prune them first? £5 for the first correct answers :-)) Looks like the spare bedroom will be brought into play, can't remember if I put a pic of them on, I'll look now and if not I'll put one on 'cos they're beautiful:-))

18 Aug, 2013


Im folding BA, havent a clue about house houseplants!!!

The Cosmos is pretty, its called Daydream, white with pink centre

18 Aug, 2013


I would prune them back Ba, then just keep them moist, not wet.
It will I think depend on the winter if they survive out there
To cold and damp and they could rot, or freeze!

Cuttings taken from the prunings will give you peace of mind and if you put a few in a pot they will look big (like the growers do!)

How do I claim my winnings?

20 Aug, 2013


Now then Pam, I didn't expect you to be so materialistic ... erm ... Send me a self addressed envelope and a cheque for £3 (to cover admin charges) and I'll see that you get it post haste. Anyone else who also knew the answer can do the same, your word will be enough for me:-)))

20 Aug, 2013


Does c.Daydream grow tall Tet?:-)

20 Aug, 2013


Grumble grumble grumble........These scams are all the same.....
tempt you in with riches galore........mutter mutter mutter......
Whats your address again.....

20 Aug, 2013


Pamg, if BA offers you a timeshare for somewhere in the West Midlands...DONT take it...she will expect you to decorate it every year AND have the shirt off your back!!!

BA.Cosmos Daydream is 36" high, sow seeds March to May.

20 Aug, 2013


How very dare you>:-[

20 Aug, 2013


Oh hecky I bin and gone and dun it!! (:-O

20 Aug, 2013


Not to mention how many she crams into a room,Tet..
She will be a millionaire in no time,and will be able to use another room for her Coleus cuttings .. or just not bother,and buy new ones! :o)..I'm ready and awaiting the backlash,Ba :o)) x

21 Aug, 2013


Flippin' 'eck the jig is up
I s'pose you think that's funny
I tried to help poor orphan kids
that's why I wanted money

caught bang to rights?
that what you think?
you Goys have hearts of stone
three pounds to feed the orphan child
and all you do is moan.

My heart is soft, your heads are hard
a scam is what you see
but what about the orphan child?
you've guessed it? yes it's me:-))

21 Aug, 2013


Brill, do have a way with words, me duck it :o)

21 Aug, 2013


Her mind is full of twists and turns
You never know what she's thinking
A scheme for this, a scam for that
Comes as natural to BA as blinking

We caught you bang to rights dear BA
It's you we take to task
For we're the softies here you know,
For if you need, just ask!

I'm not sure if you'll get three quid
but you never know you're luck
More likely seeds and bulbs we throw
So BA dear friend......DUCK!

21 Aug, 2013


Ba and Tet are back
On form and in the pink
Its whats been missing from my life
The fun and laughters back
I think.......
Bless you both xxx

And you Bloomer me dook

22 Aug, 2013


Pamg your pretty good yourself! Tis true
Its the way to solve the world's quarrels
So BA and I will try much harder and not
Sit on our spotted laurels.

I'm off today to hobble round
Hestercombe's lovely garden
So I won't be here til late tonight
For that I beg your pardon

So BA will have all day to compose
Her inimitable and clever verse
But don't tell her I said she's that good
It will make her head swell worse!

22 Aug, 2013


Great to see you all..,not half !
Having a joke,and many a larf,
Tet,Ba and our Pam too,
Nice to see our Motley crew..

Feel free to join in,all Goyers out there,
We do not bite,and are willing to share,

Some garden talk is oft included,
In case you think we're all deluded.

wot U waiting for ? come on,
let's be 'aving ya..:o)) x

22 Aug, 2013


By now as you all must cert'nly know
I'm a busy entrepeneur
with the Royal seal of approval,
and I'm feted everywhere.

A person of great importance
and an internet billionaire
so why do you all imagine that
I'd fritter my time on here

Writing rubbish to entertain you
with no dosh to compensate?
So I'm going to pass the hat round,
lighten pockets, you'll all lose some weight.

That's my new bus'ness inspiration
A weight loss plan without pain
You can eat all you want, just sent me the dosh
your weight loss will be my weight gain:-))

22 Aug, 2013


Ever the girl to make a fast buck
Ba's best friend you know's Lady Luck

Falls in the compost......
Comes smelling of roses

Her enteprenurial gifts
One supposes......

That given a dollar
She would make a mint

Her friends and relations
All end up skint

But she's not the skinflint
She pretends to be

She's kind and she's generous
To a fault you see

At least thats what it said in the letter......
Maybe you or I know her better........

22 Aug, 2013


How kind of you to sing my praise
Dear Pam I'll love you all my days
Generous and kind ..yes I admit
and gorgeous and young
you missed out that bit.

With glorious insight
you saw through my tough shell
You showed them my light
though hid under a bushel :-))

22 Aug, 2013


Dear Bloomer you're wrong
I'm a tough northern lass
with teeth made for biting
when they're not in the glass:-))

22 Aug, 2013


So now we know, all is made clear
BA's not a cheap friend, she's exceedingly dear!
She's tough as old boots and not afraid of asking
For our hard earned cash
You could say she was grasping...

At straws don't you know. Well! Gorgeous and young?
She only appears so to those still "un-stung"!
But when all's said and done, life's full of odd folk
I would hate to see the poor girl end up broke..

And lonely and friendless to boot
When she crafts such porkies in verse its a hoot
An internet billionaire who can't afford teeth?
Well we know she's not normal, which is such a relief

So send her a fiver from your monopoly game
She won't know the difference, her being insane
It'll turn her up sweet if she thinks we believe
Every word that she says, if you don't she would grieve

And a grieving BA would be a sad thing
No witty verse, no fairy stories would she bring
To brighten our lives and make us all groan
She's the funniest wordsmith that I've ever known!

22 Aug, 2013


I,m with you there Tet
She brightens our life
Even when she brings
Trouble and strife

Moneys the root
Of evil they say
No its a rumor
Says our dear Ba

But its fun to read stories
And blogs on 'our Goy'
so keep them coming
for us all to enjoy

23 Aug, 2013


I see a new business op
here on old GOY
as a personal trainer
you'll want to employ

No running or weights
for you ladies of leisure
just a quick brain workout
to give us all pleasure

We can keep eating cakes
though our tummies may grow
but we'll all have fit brains
writing poems dont ya know:-))

(cheap rates)

23 Aug, 2013


Not another scheme BA, your brain must be shot -
If you keep this pace up you'll be too hot to trot!!
Because of your ventures I had an idea
I've dug into your rellies - you should see their careers!

There's old Granny Bucket, or Bouquet if your posh
That's where you got your love of "the dosh"
Great Uncle Del Boy he of three wheeler fame
His wheeling and dealing would put yours to shame

Then there Great Grandad Steptoe, that "dirty ole man"
Who was crafty and sneaky, I know you're a fan!
Another Great Uncle, Alf Garnet "the red"
The taxman still wants him I've heard it said

And finally Fletcher, your grandad's young brother
At Her Majesty's pleasure for one thing or another.

So you see folks our BA really can't help herself
With those genes she has to run after the wealth!

23 Aug, 2013


Well that explains it!
Genes will be out
But if there is cake
Please give me a shout

I'm a known chocaholic
And love afternoon tea
When cakes on the table
Just wait and see
The first in the queue
Is bound to Be Me....

Must go now quickly
A crisis ocurred
I've got a flat battry
How absurd!!

23 Aug, 2013


You see girls it's working
the B.A. workout
your poems pure genius
of that there's no doubt.

As you personal trainer,
my heart swells with pride
Your brains have grown muscles,
new grey cells inside.

Your poem was brilliant
dear Tet, but you see
you made one mistake
I will point out for free

Now, garnet the stone
is so glad to be red
but Garnet the racist
would rather be dead

Ba's course still has places
for GOYers to fill
At the end of the course,
A diploma and bill:-)

23 Aug, 2013


Creaking and groaning
and battery charged

I still think the old bike you sold me
too large

My feet hardly touch
The pedals you see

And has taken me hours
Charging the battry

23 Aug, 2013


Old bike, you mean Tet?
that is hardly polite
though she swans around Bristol
each dark summer night.

No... a much darker deed
far too cruel to mention
she's throwing poor slugs
off the Clifton supension:-)

23 Aug, 2013


Oh poor little slug
Unable to fly

Food for the fish
Oh my!!

I'm back on my travels
But I,ll still be in touch
I can't last a week
Without being in touch

All you may notice
Just wait and see
A slight change of accent
Och see.....

24 Aug, 2013


Och aye,Pam.
To Scotland ,I see.
A stroll or two,
down by the sea.
I hope your kilt,
will cover your knees,
There might be some sights.
in a braw Scottish breeze .
have a lovely time :o) xx.

24 Aug, 2013


Thankyou Bloomer
Your good wishes came true

There's sun
And sea

And gentle breezes
That are warm enough
Even for my kneeez.....

24 Aug, 2013


What's that kneezes and breezes?
och ayes kilts and seas
But where is dear Tet?
she's gone off if you please

Come back my dear Tet
you've been gone quite a while
we need your mad humour
to make us all smile.

This blog started off
with you feeling quite down
Now you're happy and carefree
You owe me 10 pounds:-))

24 Aug, 2013


May be the problem
Dear Ba
You see
Our dear Tet
Expected it free.......

25 Aug, 2013


Cor blimey! I'm missing for only one day
And your bill for ten quid Ba fills me with dismay
Without my mad humour your poorer by far
So I'm sending you my bill, which is bigger har!har!

That bit of har!har! came from Ken doncha know
He reckons on twenty - but that's really quite low
So we'll settle on fifty - after all, I'm not cheap
Be careful, dear BA "what ye sow, I shall reap"!

To Stroud on a visit to my sister I've been
Coffee morning for charity, and to show I'm not mean
I've promised your fifty to add to their kitty
A donation from someone who's sometimes quite witty

Then we spent two more hours cleaning her room
And I'm really quite shattered, no more va va voom!
It's all I can do to pen you this verse
So ta ta for now, while my knees I must nurse

I will see you tomorrow to challenge once more
For the crown of queen poet, I'll win it Im sure
So best leg forward girls (not your crook one June)
And spout yet more doggerel to win the wooden spoon

25 Aug, 2013


Oh dear Ba
It seem that your crown
As the worlds very best poetess
causes a frown

Our Tets back from outing
With sister so fair
recharging her
Poeting skills
Whilst shes there

So unless you can think
Of a scam or a scheme
It looks like your usury plans
are a dream......

25 Aug, 2013


Dear girls I'm content
my work here is done
we've all filled our brains
with poetical fun

A philanthropist I
Lady bountiful type
Tet the title is yours
sniff, my eyes I must wipe

It happens to all
fastest guns in the west
that a new girl in town
puts them to the test

So here is my heart Tet
pierce it at your will
no longer a rival
I'm over the hill

No don't you feel bad Tet
no guilt must you feel
I'm too nice to want to
make you feel a heel

And here is my laurel
T'was passed down by Flo
Our dear Flori Lauri...
..was it you made her go?

Goodbye cruel world
Tet I taught you too well
your personal trainer
says her last farewell

Put this on your head
'twill make you feel jolly
Oh no 'stead of Laurel
I made it from holly!

It's stuck in your hair
is that blood I can see?
A bandage for Tet please
and hot strong sweet tea

What's that you say Tet?
The crown is mine still?
you want me to keep it?
if you wish, then I will :-))

25 Aug, 2013


Lol Pam it's happening again, I'm thinking in rhyming couplets, how about you?:-))

25 Aug, 2013


Avaunt thee fair BA, thou soundest quite weak
I'm trying Olde English for a poetical tweak
Thou cans't throw the towel - never say die
Whilst a rhyme in thy head thou wilt give it a try

So pick up mine gauntlet or still, better yet
We can share in the crown for "thou art my favrette"
There be just one condition and then we be jolly
I will have the laurel while thee has't the holly!

25 Aug, 2013


I'm here cross the border whos poets are hard
to follow
Rabbie Burns the lad in question
Who timorous beastie
And odes to a rose
Its taking me time
And thought to compose.....

May be some time.....
Och aye th noo......

25 Aug, 2013


Alake my loon
My ain fodgel kiras
Aye fain of ane blether
It kittles an

Loosely translated from the "scottish bard"

Alas my clown/rascal
My dumpy chums
I'm fond of the nonesense
It tickles me........

Its a different world in the southern north......

26 Aug, 2013


Thou callest me dumpy
and rascal forsooth?
Oh no you mean Tet
now ain't that the truth

I've picked up thy gauntlet
and slappeth thy face
Art thou happy now Tet?
yes Im back in the race:-))

26 Aug, 2013


I see that compromise is not in thy nature
So have at thee BA whether now or later
I will wrestle that crown from thy grasping hand
And set it upon my fair brow - understand
me dear BA tis a fight to the end - tis a promise
from dumpy to my skinny old friend!
A rascal I'm not, I will fight fair and square
Not a scam will thee use and dear Pamg will chair
the round table to see all done right
This contest will end on the stroke of midnight!
Post Scriptus, how dare thee slappeth my face
No mercy I'll show thee, so lose with good grace

26 Aug, 2013


BA advised me to read this file
Its clever rhymes would make me smile!

Poetry in motion, by such a talented few
It is very entertaining and so enlightening too!

You're a clever lot I now can see
Both gardeners AND poets well goodness me!

This rhyming lark is such a pain
I'm off outside now to rest my brain!!

I can see how Shakespeare had his work cut out,
The only rhyme that comes to mind is brussel sprout!!!

26 Aug, 2013


Lol Chris, at least it's something to do with gardening:-))

Oh Tet is that you
looking grumpy and mad?
I'd love to accept
your challenge egad

But I'm off to see Pam,
she's invited me there
To eat haggis and mars bars,
pure scottish type fayre

Then tomorrow I'm off
to meet Sandra and Chris
yorkshire pudding at Bloomers
and roast beef, what bliss

We'll read Sheakespeare at Chris's
and smell her wild roses,
to keep brussell sprout smells
away from our noses:-))

26 Aug, 2013


Och aye me bonnie lassies I'm awa oop th brae
Ba be doited all dool wi woe
We'll welcome ye here
Wen ere ye cam

Mars bars barbecued in bananas
Chips fried in lard
But first catch the haggis
Or the gates will be barred.......

26 Aug, 2013


You are welcome Ba,
to share my Roast Beef,
A joint so tender,
You won't need your 'teef'
My Yorkshire puds will rise to perfection,
And of veg,you will have a varied selection..

But on the menu there will be not one sprout,
Unless you agree to eat dinner out..
I know you're polite,and would keep saying pardon,
But alas my dear friend,you would be out in the garden,

I agree that to dine with me would be bliss,
but may I suggest you might dine with Chris?
I''ll do the Shakespeare,of which I know nowt,
but better than facing one Brussel Sprout ..:o) x

26 Aug, 2013


Pam, you been drinking? you're talking right queer
are you near a distill'ry is scotch in the air?
The water of life is that what the air whiffs of?
I'm coming dear friend to take great big sniffs of :-))

26 Aug, 2013


Thank goodness no sprouts I can't stand the smell
now can I have roasties, thick gravy as well?
Shall I ask dear old Tet? she's a forgiving lass
And my unneeded teef can stay home in the glass:-))

26 Aug, 2013


Camelot lies in dust as the challenge be shattered
BA has reneged for Bloomer's yorkshire well battered with
Roast beef and veggies have left me adrift
Catch your Haggis dear BA, sob, I'm totally miffed to
be left high and dry, e'n Shakespeare's no friend
Alas poor Yorrick BA's having fun no end!

So it seems left to me to champion the great sprout
Of its goodness to humans there is little doubt tho
it does have an aftermath awful to bear so do check
that BA's not eating em rare
So hail all you Scots and beware of your borders
The sassanach BA brings her sproutly odours to taint lochs and glens of my forefathers dear,
Raise your glass of guid gold stuff and give her the beer!

While I languish in Camelot, in Somerset fair tis
lonely while you lot are noshing elsewhere, cos I've broken my nashers and can't bite a thing
So I sucketh on soup while the dentist is fixing
My full upper set!

26 Aug, 2013


Roasties are in,and I have done plenty.
I think you could possibly eat about twenty.?
Thick gravy is norm,.. I don't do thin,
It makes too much mess ,
when it runs down your chin,
Of course Tet can come,
of that there's no doubt,
As long as she doesn't ask for a sprout !

26 Aug, 2013


The distillery 's the Bladnoch
And special you see
Well the one nearest England
It runs into the sea
The river that gives the whisky its name
Is the brown peaty Bladnoch
Its quiet and tame
But joins up with the Cree and rollocks along
Out into the Solway
Still singing its song
Of hillside and moorland
Of farming and fish
of wildlife there
As much as you wish
And small pretty villages
And towns on its way
Its peaceful and calm
On the river today

27 Aug, 2013


Ps sorry about the teethTet!.....
Broke mine once eating yogurt.......

27 Aug, 2013


Well, the prettiest poetry award goes to Pam.
The award for sheer sympathy, e'en if it's a sham,
must go to poor Tet sucking soup through a straw.
she can't munch on Yorkies t'will make her gums sore
So Bloomer my friend to you have a blender?
or poor Tet can't join us at your feast of splendour:-))

27 Aug, 2013


Reading it back Ba I hardly believe what I wrote......

To bring back this blog
To a gardens delight
Would probably be
Exceedingly right

The gardens we saw
Yesterday by the sea
Culzean Castle
Full of much history

The gardens are vast
A big country park
That you couldn't traverse
Even up with the lark

It has trees by the hundreds
And walled gardens to see
With herbaceous borders
To delight you and me

A lake for the swans
Dozens of follies
A house for the vines
And beautiful hollies

Even Camellias have a
Victorian abode
The tearooms though
Could cause overload!

A whole barn of books
The list just goes on
We'll surely go back
Hear endeth my song......

27 Aug, 2013


I agree with you BA which is rare I know
Our Pamg is Queen Poet, so she must take a bow
The song of the river I can hear way down south
And the taste of smooth whisky is in my mouth
So descriptive dear Pam you bring it to life
It beats BA and I, with our trouble and strife.
I now have my teeth back, and thank you Pam.
I don't need Ba's "sympathy", I can now cram
my mouth full of Roast Beef its promise so tender
but can think of another use for our Bloomer's blender!!!

27 Aug, 2013


I think that its living
So close to the sea
Thats brought out the inner
Poet in me......

But without the
Poems of Ba and our Tet
I would only write
What I would regret

More power to your pens please
You are both clever and funny
And now thanks to you
We are happy and sunny

But where are Wild rosies
And Bloomers so fair
Without them
Would be just despair!

27 Aug, 2013


Culzean Castle is a special place to me
It is close to the little twins' home
They love the path that leads to the sea
One running ahead. the other preferring to roam.

They are only three so life is great fun,
Daily adventures and lots of play
Their trips to nursery have just begun,
So quite a few tears at the start of their day!

So you see, I love Culzean, the castle so fair,
The beautiful grounds and the trees
But it's 2 little boys that I picture there
Feeding the ducks in the warm summer breeze.

(I shall try to find a pic of Culzean to put on here plus the 2 little fellas)

At least this got me away from the brussel sprout theme!!!

27 Aug, 2013


Thank goodness for that,Chris ! Lol..I will look forward to seeing the photo :o)

27 Aug, 2013


In my garden there is a crocosmea plant
from that neck of the woods it's Culzean Gi-ant
So I know now where it was born and bred
It's a lazy old plant spends its time in my bed.

As to your poems Pam
oh how they've come on
you're as sharp as a can be
with all rustiness gone

As your personal trainer
my pride knows no bounds
Now here's your diploma
that'll be fifty pounds:-))

27 Aug, 2013


What apicture you've painted of twins by the sea
if only all children could roam and be free

Their picture at Culzean would give us all pleasure
So Chris please upload it on here at you leisure:-)

27 Aug, 2013


Diploma? Oh Pam, our praise is your crown!
A wacking great bill? Don't let BA do you down!!
The great Rabbie inspired you, gave you the lilt
of a true poet - don't let BA swipe your kilt lol

28 Aug, 2013


Oh Wow!
(And how)
Your collective poetry skills are limitless
- And quite imitate-less.

28 Aug, 2013


Hi Mel
Welcome here
You can, I,m sure improve
My dear

Just beware
of the costs incurred
From Ba when
This has occured

It makes the old brain work
With fun
And laughter
For everyone

Culzean is a special place
I,m so pleased that your twins
Embrace the wildness of the woodland Glen,

with crashing waves one side
And then the other quiet paths
With space to run and roam at will
I suppose they wish to be there still

Nursery is such a step for little ones to learn
If they knew how many years at school they have to be
It would make their stomachs churn
Especially at three!!


28 Aug, 2013


That brought a tear to my eye :-) so it's back to the sprouts!!

In my house....
I love the scent of roses sweet.
Newly baked bread ready to eat,
Herby lavender, mint and thyme.
A bunch of freesias smells divine.

Woodsmoke soft, on a cold winter's night,
Freshly ironed washing all crisp and white.
But I don't like the smell of kippers or sprouts
They are smells that offend my sensitive snout
So I open a window and let them all out!

But the farmer's been spreading his muck again!
Some days I just cannot win
So, as the sprouts go out-the muck comes marching in!!!

PS Just to be honest with you all - I never bake my own bread so line 2 is a lie!!!

I now find I lie awake in the middle of the night finding rhymes about everything!!!

28 Aug, 2013


You are in a pickle,
with smells all about,
and holding a hand
to your sensitive snout..
A bunker you need,to escape from the pong,
and a project to build,for your OH ,John !
!I don't bake bread either,Chris,and can never smell Freesia's ) Lol.xx

28 Aug, 2013


The smell of fresh bread
And fresh coffee too

But the bestest for me is chocolate warm
A dream to me in any form......

Kippers and sprouts
are a no-no agree

And why do they spread muck
When I,m having my tea!

If rhyming occurs when you're lying in bed
If insomnia strikes when resting your head

Think of dear Tetrach
and our Ba too

Then sleep will come quickly
And lots of zzzzzzzzzz tooooo

28 Aug, 2013


Mel, I like your ditty
With words that are so very witty!
But please add more when you next appear
We like to get our money's worth on here!

Bloomer he has plans to build a shed
But I fear I' m not invited!
The plans are all inside his head.
So don't get too excited!!!

28 Aug, 2013


Be careful wildrose
Where moneys concerned
Our Ba's the controller
Of the financial purse

The interest she asks
For the loan of a tanner
Would bankrupt the best
Of the worlds money planner.......

28 Aug, 2013


What's this I see soon as my back is turned?
The poems drop like petals, my money's well earned.
The seed that were dormant in all GOYers brains
Have sprouted like all seeds do after the rains.

To the compost was added good cheer and some fun
To vanquish Tet's blues and keep them on the run
Soon Tet will be running if she has new knees
but a better plan's formed in my mind ...what a wheeze.

She won't need new knees if the good news is true
just gardening friends and she has quite a few
We'll all plant the seeds of the broccoli green
the best treatment for 'arfer' there ever has been:-)

28 Aug, 2013


Just think what the'll do
To get us to eat
our broccoli sweet
From toddlers
To teens
From young to old

Broccoli and jam
Broccoli on toast
And what sounds most awful
A broccoli roast

Broccoli and chocolate
Is something to eschew
I wish that I could only think
Euw.....a broccoli drink!

28 Aug, 2013


An Ode to Greens - by GOY's Vice Poetess Laureated

I love my greens, well, most of them
The kidney bean young, crisp and stringless
Is a treat with butter, the creme de la creme
By the plateful I can eat them I will confess

Asparagus, tips young and sweet
Again with butter, melted and yummy
Is a delicacy rare so very much a treat
With a small piece of fillet, so good for the tummy

A cabbage that's joyful, sweet to the taste
To me its the best and its shape is real smart
Preparation is simple - you just slice its tight case
What more can I say? It's a real sweetheart!

Spinach and Kale, I rarely partake too bitter
By far, for I have a palate that doesn't approve
I know its real good and makes you much fitter
But Im sorry, I pass, its chewy, not smooth

All hail the proud sprout when cooked well
Cant be beaten. Bright green, black peppered and butter
Maligned is the sprout when overcooked - I tell
Those who can't stop their derogatory mutter.

Broccoli, peas, baby broad beans must
Rate highly when fresh and tendered with care
In these mighty green veggies we must place our trust
They are the backbone of our daily fare!

28 Aug, 2013


When I'm issued with a challenge,
well I have to scratch my head.
It's not easy being clever when it's nearly time for bed.
But I'm not one to be beaten by a literary tease
So I'll have to knuckle down to some poetic vocalise.

Now what have I to write about? It could be plants or tots
Or the latest Lewis episode, or weevils in my pots.
But I rather think I'd better leave it now - it's just too late.
If you want a poem penned by me, then Ladies -
you must wait!

28 Aug, 2013


And here I sit with breath bated
For Mel to find the 'poet head'
stuffed to the gills with Tets green fare
We know whats on for dinner there......

I've been looking at Wildroses boys
At Culzean castle oh what joys
So much fun for boys to play
At knights and explorers every day

And lots for us to see and do
In Castle
And in gardens too

In the Castle I would love to stay
And see those gardens every day
The grapes hand picked for me to eat
Fresh apples to for me, such a treat

But even from my Scottish base
It takes two hours and its the case
That getting there from Midlands home
Would take a day.....and make me groan. :0)

29 Aug, 2013


I hope I've not suggested that my rhyme's worth waiting for!
It's years since I wrote any so it might be rather poor.
It's such a happy pastime, though, I wanted to join in -
But now I find that inspiration's wearing rather thin.

I'm off on holiday next week, I'll give my brain a rest.
Perhaps when I return a contribution might be best.
I really have enjoyed your blog - you are so very clever,
It only goes to show that Goyers really are best ever!

29 Aug, 2013


Nice to read this Mel my dear
I think its very good
You have to get your rhyme hat on
and then the words just flood

But it is a problem
When out in company
I find I seem to speak in rhyme
Or is that only me?......

Have a lovely holiday
I hope its nice and sunny
Then while you're lazing on the beach
You can think up something funny. :0))

29 Aug, 2013


It's very good of you to send this charitable speech;
I certainly shall have a ball, walking on the beach.
North east Scotland is our very favourite destination
So here's to haggis, whisky and a fabulous vacation.

The family will all be there, including grandson Will.
He's never seen the sea before - it's sure to be a thrill.
With sons and daughter, wife and husband and the baby too
I don't think we'll be short of something interesting to do.

The journey there is long and varied, but such fun for us.
We drive in turn and make our way with very little fuss.
We'll stop for lunch and take our time and get there in the end.
We'll greet the man from Tesco like an old and valued friend.

Once settled in our home from home, I'll sit down with my wine.
We'll welcome each lot as they come and all will be just fine.
So thanks again for your good wish, it really hit the spot!
You'll hear from me when I get back, and now - well-
That's your lot!

29 Aug, 2013


I see that Mel has got the bug
So here from me is a virtual hug!
Have a lovely holiday.
Tell us about it in your own special way

i.e Keep going with the rhyme - I am sure you'll find the time!!

29 Aug, 2013



29 Aug, 2013


While you're all trotting round the globe
Don't give a thought to me
I hope you all enjoy yourselves
gallivanting by the sea.

But poor B.A. no hols for her
no haggis, Culzean, but don't fear
I still can raise the parting glass
so cheers to Mel the lucky lass:-))

29 Aug, 2013


Today I made raw broccoli soup
to make our joints like new
I don't like broccoli e'en well cooked
it almost made me spew!

Oh why must all things good for you
taste and smell so vile
Why can't broccoli taste like cakes?
Now that would make me smile.:-))

29 Aug, 2013


Now Pam, when are you coming home
To GOYland fair and true
too much enjoyment so I've heard,
is very bad for you.

And Tet I've not forgotten you
the remains of the soup delicious
is on it's way to sooth your knees
and make them boogylicious:-)

29 Aug, 2013


No Pip to present awards, but 96 comments on this blog! :-))

29 Aug, 2013


That's why it takes forever to get to the end of it!!!

Peter Rabbit likes his greens!
His lettuce, peas and runner beans.
I, alas like things bad for me -
Chocolate cake and the odd cream tea!

I put a few greens onto my plate,
Because I think I should!
I still prefer the naughty things
Eclairs and treacle pud!

Pam Ayres has made a fortune,
Out of sets of words that rhyme
I'm sure that we could do the same
Given a bit more time!

Perhaps it's time to publish
Our clever words of wit,
BA we need a strategy
And you're the one to do it!!

P.S. As long as we all get a fair share!

29 Aug, 2013


Hurray for all the poets
On this most wondrous site.
I thought that I had finished but
I'm still here late at night.

I cannot turn my PC off
While Goyers blog and chat.
I find I'm quite obsessed with it -
What do you think of that?

From holidays to foul green soup,
From kids to wonky knees
We cannot stop this lively group
From sharing what they please.

I wonder if the powers that be
Ever really knew
Just what they were starting
By inventing Grows On You?

29 Aug, 2013


Mel, you will never get to sleep tonight
With rhymes revolving in your head.
So turn this off, clear your mind
And for gooodness sake - GET TO BED!!!

I'm off right now to mine!

29 Aug, 2013


Lol! and giggle
You're right with your niggle.
I must hit the sack -
Tomorrow I pack!

29 Aug, 2013


My eyes are tired,
and I should be in bed,
but you lot are keeping me up instead,
I meant to log off,and what do I do?
keep having a peek,to see what's new.
my keyboard looks blurry,the letters as one,
so now it is time ,my prose is done,
and before I end up round the bend,
it's goodnight from me,and I'm going to hit 'send'!

29 Aug, 2013


have you all gone to bed yet?? I bet you haven't ! lol xxxx

29 Aug, 2013


Nooo..I can't believe the talent,
Words spewing out in rhyme
Just catching up was my intent
For I'm reading a book on crime

But I've had to put the book aside
The TV's no use either
Poets appearing far and wide
Dont' tell BA, she'll ask for a fiver!

29 Aug, 2013


Good morning friends
But I guess
That I'm alone
I must confess to going early
To my bed

While you will still be dreaming
Of holidays and cabbage soup
Of children running happily
Into a rather chilly sea.....

I shall drink a mug
Of coffee
And I must confess
To giggling and laughing

Right out loud
And getting looks
"are you ok?"
Your looking very odd today....

What to say
How to explain
That mad friends have
"Been at it again"

So I greet the dawn
With smiling face
And Know that there's
No better place

Than Goy with lovely
Pals like you
Oh and a bit of
Gardening too. :0)))

30 Aug, 2013


Good morning Pam,
you are not alone,
although I didn't see the dawn,
and no,you're not odd,
Laughing out loud,on your tod,
I do it often,more's the pity,
whilst reading of the latest ditty,
i stayed up later,than I 'oughta',
watching Masterchef,
and Janet street Porter :o)
still bleary eyed,
but hey,what's new?
Another day on Grows on you :o) x

30 Aug, 2013


Chris there are so many blogs
with wond'rous poems galore
most started by dear Flori
Goy Poet Laureate of yore.

They're hidden from mere mortal eyes
disguised as gard'ning blogs
for everyone knows poetry
oils the GOY brains cogs.

What would we do in winter
when our garden's gone to bed
when gardeners go stir crazy
if we didn't write poems instead?

Mel I think you'll miss us
while you're on your holiday
for happy times and families
lead to the brains decay.

A rhyming workout every day
is advised by your P.T.
using words such as banana
sharpens the brain you see.


Dear Tet reading detective books
won't keep you on your toes
For brains stagnate with reading
a fact everybody knows.

And reading tales of murder
might put ideas in your head
Just stick with poems, then your OH
can lie safely in his bed.


Now as to B.A.publishing
I'm afraid it is no more
for E books overtook us
it really is a bore

For I am no organiser
I've left publishing behind
My forte's collecting money
I'm good at that you'll find

To get our poems published
I've started a charity
so put your hands in pockets
and send the dosh to me:-))

30 Aug, 2013


Good morning Pam and Bloomer
it's a sunny morning here
I'm off now to make breakfast
but he's not awake I fear.

so I stay here writing poems
it's the best thing I can do
'til I can patter down the stairs
'cos I want my breakfast too:-))

30 Aug, 2013


The sea looks cold and grey today
Not very warm and sunny
So I,ll be getting on the bus
Which doesn't cost me money

Up here if you are 60
A buspass you can get
And drugs are free for everyone
no charges made.......yet!

I'm going into Wigtown
Its full of little shops
That all sell books some second hand
It really is the tops

Readinglasses is my fave
Its as lovely as can be
Books and scones together
Is bliss, you see, for me!

Good morning Bloomer and Ba
Wild rose is sleeping still
I wonder if she's dreaming
In rhyming couplets still?

Ba you're sounding on the ball
But Bloomer slightly dreamy
I recommend some nice hot coffee
And toast with butter creamy

But in these 'elfy eatin' days
We're not allowed to eat
The lovely english breakfast
Now its just a treat

I don't know how to stop this
I think I've got a bug
For rhymings overtaken me

So I,m going to lie down in a darkened room.......

30 Aug, 2013


Lets all give Pam a hug?:-)

30 Aug, 2013


"Pam you missed my ugly mug"!!!

Now BA that is a good idea, the best you've ever had
A charity to publish poems that really can't be bad
But before you all dig deep and give, like trusting souls you are
We'll just write out a promisary note because perhaps not far
Into the distant future, our BA decides to change her tack
And woe betide, if you don't like it - you won't get yer money back!

She will fritter it on orphans (she is a collective group)
And next thing you know she'll be marketing BA's super hula hoop!

And be our personal trainer for her latest get rich quick
She'll be getting fat on dosh and we'll be thin as sticks

30 Aug, 2013


Oh please don't tell OH
That I am shirking here -
I ought to be a-packing
And making sure all's clear!
I've made the lists
And piled things up
And checked the list - AGAIN!
I've only got some ironing
Then we'll be right as rain.
I've checked the weather forecast,
I've phoned the family round -
This really is the final day
Till we're on holy ground!
I think I hear him on the stair -
I really ought to split.
Yes, mouse is hovering over "send"
Right, girls - this is it!!!!

30 Aug, 2013


My dear girl Tet
This morning when
I penned the rhyming lines
Ba and Bloomer were awake wasn't even 9!

I was giving you
you see
The benefit of the doubt
I thought that you were still asleep
And not up and about.......

And Mel my dear
Off on her hols
With lists in every hand

Only one more sleep
As the children say
Its really will be grand xxx

My dear Ba
I thank you for
My very welcome hug

(I don't know where I caught it
This buzy rhyming bug)

But knowing you
This past four years
And all the plots you hatch

I think you know
It seems to me
There's got to be a catch......

30 Aug, 2013


The fact that I'm on a gardening site,
Has gone right out of my head.
When I log in, I ignore the plants
And race to this instead!

I love my private messages.
I love a flower or two.
But poetry has taken over here -
As there's always something new!

I too like crimes and murders,
Of course of the fictional kind!
In my old straw hat,
And the cat on the mat (sorry!)
I'm Miss Marple in my mind!

Midsomer is the place for me.
The fetes and cricket matches.
Murders growing 1, 2 even 3!
We need a few dispatches!!

Has Mel finally packed and gone away
On her relaxing, rhymeless holiday?
I read last night,
that to have a good time,
we need just three things...
A view, a loo and a brew!!!

30 Aug, 2013


A girl after my own heart
With murder mystery
A nice confusing cosy crime
Is what I like to see

Or in a book.....I love that too
A proper murder story
With lots of twisting gripping plots
As long as not gory

My books of choice
Are at the mo
Dorothy L Sayers

Here hero
Peter Wimsey
The very best of players

I read a lot, well all the time
I have books by the score
And now I have my kindle
I'm getting even more

Who would have though when I was young
That on the phone mobile
I could read and store my books
A huge great tottering pile

I wish that my Dad could have known
When he taught me to read
The modern way we have progressed
Miraculous indeed!

30 Aug, 2013


If we're talking of detectives,
John Rebus is for me
the chap I'd want on my side,
though degenerate is he.

Over recent years I fell in love
with an ex cop, Yorkshire's best
another kind, imperfect man
who always stands the test

His name is Jackson Brodie
from the great Kate Atkinson
he has a touch of sadness
'though most battles he has won.

I love a good detective
from Poirot to dear Morse
But I need a happy ending
to cheer me up of course.

I have a guilt secret
not in the others' class
her name is Agatha Raisin
A feisty sort of lass.

The stories are quite silly
and you may find her taxing
to me she's the perfect bedtime read
amusing and relaxing

I haven't read Lord Peter
for thirty years or more
so maybe time to start again
I won't find that a chore.

I read the Father Brown books
as a child, I thought them neat
They serialised him on tv
this winter ..what a treat!

I love tv detectives,
though Luther was too gory.
I'd rather watch Midsomer
although they're silly stories

Now if it's puzzles that you like
in the beautiful Caribbean
Death in Paradise's the one
I'm really rather keen.

I meant to mention women women,
drat ..I've forgotten all their names:-(

30 Aug, 2013


I used to watch PD James on TV
Adam Dalgleish was the man for me
Set in East Anglia full of impending gloom
But MY eyes lit up when he entered a room!

I quite like Poirot, David Suchet is great
I like his twinkling eyes and affected gait!
As you can tell I'm not too choosy
The only rhyme I can think of here is 'floosy!!!'

(And that word does certainly not apply to me so I wish I had thought of something else!!! )

A murder mystery weekend would be fun,
In a country house setting the deed would be done!
I'd watch all the suspects and dine like a queen,
In a world of suspense but remaining serene.

It's a shame it's quite expensive,
I'll go one day but don't know when.
So meanwhile, I'll watch Miss Marple
'Murder in the Vicarage' repeated yet again!

30 Aug, 2013


Gardening's what we're here for, so I thought we'd give it a go
I tracked down secateurs and trowel, couldn't find the ruddy hoe!
My OH got his trusty fork to dig the hostas out
He dug and heaved against the roots, deep because of drought
He doused it well with water and dug and heaved some more
It came out rather quickly then, he nearly hit the floor!

Then he tackled aquilegias growing where not wanted
They also were reticent but OH wasn't daunted
Tho' truthfully he'd had enough of digging for that day
So we had a cup of tea and put the tools away

I really felt quite weary watching him at toil
So I worked hard upon my rhymes - it beats digging up hard soil!

30 Aug, 2013


Now I sit at my computer and read of Goyers' hols
Put in verse I do declare I have had many lols!
I hope the weather favours you and you have a happy time
And when you come back all refreshed, just put it in a rhyme.
Our turn will come in one week's time, up Durham way
we're bound
Armed with a cortisone jab, I hope my knees come round
To enable me to visit Raby Castle, Alnwick too
And fantastic Durham Cathedral (I hope they all have a loo)
My grandma's folks come from this way so Im following my roots
And hope that by the end of it I'm not in a surgical suit

I do not have a laptop, or ipod, nor notebook
So cut off from you all I'll be, not able to take a look
Then when I return and log in to GOY, I'm hoping I will see
Lots of lovely poeters adding to this tree.

30 Aug, 2013


I did not menton Sherlock Holmes
I cannot leave him out
the first detective so they say
not true, just work it out ...

Inspector Bucket came our way
The great Charles Dickens' whim
he solved the crime and Bleak House
would be bleaker without him.

Now Tet you've mentioned gardening
what were you thinking of?
you must be on the wrong site
you got mixed up my love. 8~p

I think you need a holiday
'though it will be a slog
just take your trusty camera
for a Castle Raby blog:-))

31 Aug, 2013


We go back home tomorrow
I wonder what I,ll find
I will be very sorry
To leave the sea behind

My toms I left for neighbours
To water and to eat
She'll use the green ones later
For chutney, now thats neat!

I want to see my garden
To see it
f its still there
Before we came to bonnie S
Of rabbits I despair!

They dug up all my heuchera
And pretty flowers too
I stuck big pots
So they cannot dig

In spaces that were bare
If they've upped and outed them
I really will despair......

Wait for monday morning
I should know by then
If I need reinforcements
Or a rabbit pen....

Ps added to this tale

I really must just say
That Ian Carmichael
As the Lord
Well he made my Day!

31 Aug, 2013


Oh Tet I very near forgot
To wish you happy days
Away in County Durham
Do find time to laze

At pretty little cafes
As well as gardens large
And a beautiful Cathederal
With loo, (I hope no charge....)

I hope for sunny weather
For your trip to be the best
And lots of things to see and do
Then come back here refreshed!


31 Aug, 2013


Thanks for all your kind wishes
You'll miss the sea, there's no doubt Pam
Did you catch any big fishes?
But now your thoughts turn to rabbit jam

We're off to lunch with friends so dear
Their runners have now ripened
A beanfeast on the menu is clear
Unlike BA they won't charge an annual stipend

A busy week before we leave
The doc, great grandchild's birthday too
Remember BA, better give than receive
But we love you, just because its you (:-D)))

I'll miss your barbed remarks well said
In poet form, you've got it cracked
I'll do my best with my poor head
But your funny touch I've sadly lacked

Until tomorrow rhyming friends
For more of the same I'm hoping
If I break into rhyme while the beans descend
My friends will think I'm not coping!

31 Aug, 2013


Lol Tet, you're putting yourself down
as if for wit you're wishing
you know your worth, methinks it's just
for compliments you're fishing:-)

Be strong while at your friends house
and keep the rhymes at bay
or little men in white coats
may take poor Tet away:-(

and when the doc says howdya do?
don't say "all the better for seeing you"
or "can we just get on with it please
I've only come here about my knees" :-))

31 Aug, 2013


Its been a day of sun and rain
Of rain and sun
Then rain again!

So I've escaped to
Well sense not common
Thats the best!

I'llmiss your poems
and your prose
Dear Tet
The Bard wrote of a rose

He wrote of mice and haggis fair seems that they have lots of hair....
I saw one in a shop for sale
(The sight of it....I felt quite frail)

It was covered with a kind of down
And on its face there was a frown
It gave an evil grin at me
(And quite put me off my tea)

Beware the whitened
Coat of men
Surely you remember when
They came for us once before
And imprisoned us behind a door

Where is Annella when you need her
She knows of all the firemen
Who rescued us from evil fate
Then went off with his best mate!

Well I must draw this to a close
The sun is back
The sea is blue
And I must pack to go back....

Oh Boo. :0(

31 Aug, 2013


Bon voyage Pam\0/:-))

31 Aug, 2013


Thanks Ba xxx

1 Sep, 2013


I wave the white flag, I surrender, I give up!!!!!!..........

The rhymes have just gone from my head,
The words have gone on strike!
So I'm just going to read yours for a bit,
Coz those are the rhymes that I like!

Whoops was that a rhyme?

Purely accidental!


1 Sep, 2013


Pam I hope your home safe and sound
Bringing memories with you homeward bound
Thanks for sharing whilst you were away
Im sure we all feel we have been on holiday
With you!

Wildrose the muse is a fickle thing
She comes when she chooses her word to bring
Its oft not convenient, middle of night;
When you find rest eludes however you fight
Or when mowing the lawn, or cutting a hedge
Sometimes its much harder, those words to dredge
up from your mind and you need to express
Fun and laughter, or you're life's in a mess
But once in a while she will bless you, and then
The most wonderful poems will flow from your pen!

2 Sep, 2013


Good morning Tet
Wild rose too
And dear Ba
I couldn't forget you

Rosie your rhyming
Is coming on a treat
But it will be a while before
Ba you can beat!

And Tetrarch too
Well the've been at it
Longer than you!

I had a lovely break
Over the border
Now must get everything
In some kind of order

The washing is piling up
down by my feet
And I must go and buy
Something to eat

The garden is fine
The weed are just dandy
Good job the spray
is somewhere handy.......

The rabbits didn't manage
To dislodge the guard
I can just see
Where they tried very hard.....

Mels on her hols now
Soon Tets away to too
Hope that this sunshine
Last for you

2 Sep, 2013


So glad all's in order
to welcome you home
dear Pam, but you see
we seem quite alone:-(

We two faithful poets
are standing here tall
but the Pick Me Up posse's
gone over the wall:-(

Off to make breakfast now, welcome home :-))

4 Sep, 2013


Thankyou my dear
For your kind words
To greet me

I was thinking
Just the same
Where are they all
Its such a shame

I think they've legged it too
Picked up their skirts
So sad
Boo hoo

But at least
We are here
To man the fort
Although I just had
Another thought

I forgot to say
I hardly dare
But this weekend
We're not here...
But there......

Friday to monday
And it looks like rain
The travellers loss
But the gardeners gain

So dear Ba you are here alone
What can I do for you to atone
For leaving my dear friend behind
( I really feel most unkind. :0(

So (wo)man the barricades my dear
We,ll soon be back
To bring you cheer
Thats if you're still talking too us.....

4 Sep, 2013


Well flippin' 'eck
no Bloomer too
I'm off myself
so toodleloo

I've packed my bag
I've writ me will
you've guessed where I'm going?
yes ... over the hill:-))

4 Sep, 2013


I did say I'd be busy this week
And now and then I'd take a peek.
Well! BA, reading your threats, words do fail me
You've thrown in the rag, not e'en a Hail Mary

Just because you're on your own, you stamp
your feet and chuck your crown
At all and sundry, poor Pam's in tears
you keep changing your will dear its full of smears
We don't want your crown or even your lolly
(besides which the crown's made of prickly holly!)

What will happen next week? We depend upon you
and Pam to create verses funny and new
So unpack that bag girl, take up pencil and pad
And think up more poems to drive us all mad!

4 Sep, 2013


If you promise Ba dear
To stop the rain from coming down
To spoil all our holidays
And giving us a frown

I find room in my case for you
Now you may find that funny
But I will have the benefit
Of all that lovely money

In true Ba Travel style
I want the money Now
The tickets may come later
I,ll just tell you how...

Oops computer cras....

5 Sep, 2013


I'm feeling disappointed
What's happened to our Pam?
she was innocent and honest
now she's tring to pull a scam

Yes I'll fit inside your suit case
and join you on your trip
but my dosh is safe inside my skin
which I've fitted with a zip

Don't try to scam a scammer
take this advice from me
cos I'll join you on your holiday
and my travel will be free:-))


Now Tet you didn't notice
Pam's off off again you see
she's left me here to hold the fort
I'm being left with no support
where's wildrose and Sandry?:-(

5 Sep, 2013


Not sure about Rosie but Sandies going on her hols too soon...

(oops I don't think I should have said)
Now Ba will be off her head
All her pals off on a jolly
All she's left with is her lolly

Zipped up tight inside her skin
( she needs to let the sunshine in)
but as I,m taking my new frock
I,ll treat her to a stick of rock......

I'll see you monday
dear Ba
Then we can think up
How to pay

Them back for leaving
you alone
And how to make them
All atone.....

(we,re all going on a summer holiday do de do de dooo)

5 Sep, 2013


Hello, it's me again!

We went to pick some blackberries,
My hubby and me
Then brought them home to our house
To have blackberries for tea.

He decided to make some blackberry jam
Instead of bottling his honey,
But now it's safely in the jars
It's really much too runny!!

Any tips to help us here
To make it thick instead?
Or we'll have to pour it on ice cream,
instead of on our bread!!!

Come on now admit it - you missed my classy style didn't you?!!

5 Sep, 2013


Well here's our Rosie in fine voice
With blackberries you have some choice
Use with apples in a pie or better still
Mix Greek yoghurt with blackberries to fill
a yummy yoghurt pot and with the rest just freeze
There's blackberry icecream..its a breeze!

Now listen Pam, some sound advice,you really should take note
You cannot scam the best there is she even runs the tote,
So if you put her in your case make sure you're paid up front
For otherwise my dearest girl she'll pull her normal stunt!

Now BA you really need a rest, or your brain you'll fry
Go out into the garden, and watch the clouds go by
Before you know it we'll be back and you can be refreshed
(and before we know it, in your schemes we'll be enmeshed!!)

5 Sep, 2013


You've made a coulis
Dear Wild rose
You could tell every one
that..... I suppose......

Tet has lovely ideas
For using up the bounty
Add a drop of gin to it
And win a prize at the 'County'!

Oil and vinager you often
dip with bread
With some nice brioche
Use your coulis instead!

Rosie will you please
Take pity on Ba
She's thinking she's alone here
With all her friends at play

She'll find an outlet for your jam
It will not cost you much
Only about 50%
(Unless she's lost her touch......)

5 Sep, 2013


I shall be here oh sweet BA
To keep you company.
As all around desert you,
There's always little old me!

(.......well that is until Monday and then we are off to the Lizard for a couple of days!)

But then I shall be back with you,
The two of us can sulk together!
And before we know it,
They'll all be back
Moaning about the change in the weather!!

5 Sep, 2013


No need to be down,
for Goodness sakes.
I'm only going to the Lakes.
Ba is safe with all her lolly,
what about me,
sheltering under a brolly?
or not,as hopefully we yearn,
for sun and warmth,but not to burn.
so take care girls,and have fun, Pam,
Whilst Chris is making yet more jam,
This time I hope it sets,
and you can send a jar to Tet..:o)

5 Sep, 2013


Now I'm feeling even worse my cooking's such a flop
I haven't a clue what I would do
with sloppy jam, not like our Pam
but in case you don't know you can always go
and buy some from a shop:-)
(B.A. Jam Emporium)

Now Tet my garden's such a mess
I can hardly bare to look.
I started to renovate each bed,
and all I got was pain instead
my poor garden is forsook

And sandra's gadding off I see
without a thought for little me
off to the lakes mac and brolly she takes
and although it's a pain, without the rain
there wouldn't be the lakes:-)
(the clue's in the name)

Now Chris wild roses all have hips
rosehip syrup he could make
and that can be runny, like runny honey
leave the berries alone, then you can't moan
at your poor O.H's mistake:-)

(buy the blackberry jam from B.A. Jam Emporium)

6 Sep, 2013


The saga of the blackberry jam - part two.

He added more lemon juice
To the runny mixture
A bit too much I think
Coz now in the jar it's a fixture!!!

The rain is now pouring
The sky is all grey
To match BA's mood,
coz you're all going away!!

6 Sep, 2013


We had a gorgeous day here in the west
But tomorrow's rain will be the test
Following the downpour from west to east
Its the kind of drive I like the least
Lets hope all the idiots stay at home
Don't fancy a tailgater up my bome
So make hay my dear friends whilst the sun is still shining
I know BA will appreciate a solid silver lining!
I'll say au revoir for the moment and before you can blink
I'll be writing long blogs you can read with your drink!

Ta ta for now xx

6 Sep, 2013


We're all looking forward to seeing your blog
I've so many to look at, there's such a backlog
But top of the list will be yours .. no fear
dont forget to pack charger with camera my dear:-))

Bon voyage\0/ :-)

8 Sep, 2013


Dear Pam I've bounced back
from the left behind blues
I've been planting some pansies,
they're all different hues

I've bought Matrix Sunrise
there's fifteen of those
they're all big and healthy
sort of lemon and rose

They're from Plantmenow
they're in packs of five
unlike the big firms
they arrive here alive!

And seventy two
of the Matrix collection
the colours are mixed
a cheerful selection.

From all the big plant co's
I won't order at all
cos they send weedy plants
disappointments galore:-(

Now cynical Pam,
your thoughts I divine
I don't own Plantmenow
It's not one of mine:-))

8 Sep, 2013


Hi Ba I,m pleased yoo're happy
Ba grumpy is rather crappy!

I have been down to the sea
Through a wormhole to the sun you see
We left in rain
And arrived in sun

Which on golden sands
Was rather fun
I saw a house I liked down there
(but I think we'd have to share)

Nearly eight million pounds
Just for one house
A flat was out of the question
Maybe Ba housing sales
Could come up with

Sandbanks there in Dorset
The place to dream about
The houses are amazing
But the pockets have a drought....

8 Sep, 2013


Dorset sounds lovely
and I'll buy you that house
for your birthday dear Pam
see I'm not such a louse.

'Cos I'm terribly rich
with philanthropist leanings
my exterior hard
but inside, finer feelings:-))

10 Sep, 2013


Ooh lovely Ba
You can come and stay
You can even bring your pals
Such fun for everyone of your guys and gals

We can walk on the beach
And swim in the sea
The lifeguards are hunky
Suit you to a tee.......

when the wind blows
Across the sea
We'll all go inside
With the family xxx

10 Sep, 2013


153 Comments, Keep going girls! I do pop in and read for a giggle but my poetry is not up to your standard ;O)

10 Sep, 2013


Now Annella
We know better
Why not have a go

All you do
Is look
And you
Are writing quite a letter

The only thing
That bothers me
I find it hard to stop

I write my shopping list
in rhyme
And have to buy a chop

It only rhymes with pop
You see
So I have to buy that too

It takes me ages
now to shop
What am I to do?

10 Sep, 2013


Lol :o))xx

10 Sep, 2013


Dear Pam I would love to swim in the sea
and ogle the lifeguards, t'would really suit me
But one little thing keeps me from the water
I really can't swim, though I know that I oughta.

Now Annella's the one for ogling and swimmin'
she's really the most flirtatious of women
Although she pretends she's an innocent maid
her history's well known by the fire brigade!:-))

10 Sep, 2013


Hello girls - I'm back, with a head full of stories
Of family and seaside and Cromarty's glories!
I've blogged till I'm shattered, I've thought it all through-
If you get to the end you'll be quite shattered too.

I've read all your comments, you've had a good time -
It took me three days to stop dreaming in rhyme!
The weather was lovely, the company great;
We walked and we talked and we drank and we ATE!

And when I took pictures, or sat by the sea
I thought of the things piled up on my PC.
I came home and switched on and I read and I read,
But I haven't caught up yet, so I'm off to bed!

10 Sep, 2013


I only know Cromarty
From the shipping forecast
Those words are a poem

it sends me to sleep
While I,m waiting for more

I must read your blog
sounds like such fun
Even found time
To eat a cream bun?

Tet should be back soon
And Bloomer too
Ba says Annie's the firemens gal
But she assures me she's just their pal....

You could have a paddle
My dear Ba,
If you jump and you splash
The'll save you.....they say.....

Its raining here and very dull
Its cold as well so must find wool
And knit a sweater warm and snug
Incase I go and get a bug. :0(

11 Sep, 2013


I see that you found my long blog, my dear Pam
Yes we ate our cream buns, our cheese and our jam.
We had a fab meal at a favourite pub -
It serves hundreds of whiskies, rare beers and good grub!

It's intriguing to hear of Annella's firemen!
Is it really true or just Ba's odd yen?
Mind you - with her riches and obvious charms
She could doubtless end up in any man's arms!

I'd better go now, before I offend -
I hate confrontation - my ways I should mend.
(Although, to be honest, I'm turning quite green -
They're obviously hot - that's plain to be seen!)

11 Sep, 2013


There is a goyer
Called Floribuna
Who's not been here
For ages

She writes brilliant poems
Pages and pages
A couple of years ago
Her blogs lasted ages

I've never known the comments
Go on and on and on
It was so very funny
It got us all addicted

We burnt the dinner lost the cat
And all were most afflicted
If you have the time
And the patience too

You'll find out where the firemen
Saved Annie

Or you could ask Ba....... :0))

11 Sep, 2013


That sounds intriguing - I should try
To find out how she didn't fry*
It's true - this thread is very long
If set to music, what a song!
But once the poetry bug has bitten
It's very easy to be smitten.
I daresay one day it will close
And we will all revert to prose!

* thank goodness!

11 Sep, 2013


so pleased that you enjoyed your hols
but you were missed here my wench
Since left alone I've joined a class
of conversational french.

si heureux que vous emjoyed vos vacances :-))

12 Sep, 2013


Hi Pam\0/ I really think it best
to keep Mel in the dark
regarding Annie's secret past
with firemen ... what a lark!

Who would believe that inn'cent face
would hide intent lascivious
when the firemen brave to her rescue came
and her poor OH oblivious.

Santanna's secret's safe with us
and I'll never mention the chimney
nor the firemans hose and her shameless pose
for maliciousness just ain't in me:-))

12 Sep, 2013


Trust Ba to bring back the scandal and shame
How can a poor girl ever clean up her name
The chimney was dark and the firemen were hot
But lewd or lascivious I certainly was not

Still pretty nifty for a girl of fifty though....

12 Sep, 2013


I think I,ve had a virus
I really felt quite queer
Hot and cold and ached a lot
Oh dear

I'm getting better now though
I think I,m on the mend

I think I was until I read
Of Annie and those
I'd forgotten about the hose....

12 Sep, 2013


The fireman's hose???
Oh, Annie dear -
You had a ball (!)
That much is clear!

The chimney dark,
And firemen hot???
And lewd and lascivious
You were not???

(No wonder poor Pam's
Feeling ill -
First she's hot
And then she's chill.

She doesn't dare
To light a fire
We know that leads
To exploits dire!)

Well - I'll believe you -
Thousands wouldn't,
I'm sure you did nothing
That you shouldn't!

I'm glad you missed me,
Dear BA,
Enjoy le Francais
S'il vous plait.

12 Sep, 2013


Our dear Annie was very brave
(I can't remember why)
Did Santa Claus
Figure in the plot
When his sleigh crashed from the sky?

It may be just delerium
Caused by this fearful bug
Thats playing with my memory
I think Pam needs a hug...

12 Sep, 2013


Oh, poor dear Pam - you do sound ill,
Perhaps you've caught a nasty chill.
Look after yourself - put your feet up.
Try a wee Scotch, warmed up in a cup!

You sound a bit feverish - Santa indeed!
No doubt with his reindeer in need of a feed.
That sounds like a hallucination to me -
Now get off to bed, with a mug of hot tea.*

*Put some whisky in it!

12 Sep, 2013


Thank you Mel dear
For thoughts so kind
I slept quite well
And woke to find

I feel much better
(but not from tea....ugh)
but it could have been
From the Whiskey.......

Our Dear Ba
When she deigns to appear
Has a prodigious memory
You'll be glad to hear

So hopefully will answer you
About Annie
.....and you know who....

13 Sep, 2013


'Twas I dressed as Santa that got in the fix
So please leave the poor man out of the mix
too many sherry's and mince pies I suppose
led to the fireman showing his hose

And as for the reindeer I'm happy to say
were never in danger and stayed with the sleigh
No harm was done is the moral of this
Just Santanna got a little bit.......tipsy

13 Sep, 2013


Must watch that Mel
Annie dear
A passion for whisky
It would appear

The moral of this
Story see....

Don't mix your drinks
Or you will be
Back in
The dreaded

I,m going for a nice lay down...
In a dark room......

13 Sep, 2013


It could be the mix with that I agree
more likely though is the large quantity
I'm tired now too....

13 Sep, 2013


I've just looked back
on dear Flori's pages
to show Mel the story
of Annies outrages.

'Summer What A Washout'
was the first in line
I've sat here madly laughing
and I've run out of time

But I will find Santanas tale
I'll search, I do not mind it
but in the meanwhile, if she wants a smile
the above is where she'll find it
So now I'm running really late
this research takes some time
Now readin old blogs then falling about
may become hobby of mine:-)

13 Sep, 2013


I'm warming to Mel, I think she's like me
we both are partial to a dram of whiskey
That Ba is trouble, so Mel please be warned
reading that blog will leave you alarmed

I know, I know...Get on with your work Annella!

13 Sep, 2013


Take a letter miss Jones
"Dear Annellas boss,
your employee Annella
is a thorough dead loss.
Though you pay her a wage
and her skills you employ
She spends all her time
just playing on GOY"
and if I were you sir
I would lower her pay
or alternatively
I would send her away

Yours faithfully,
B.A. Whistleblower:-)

13 Sep, 2013


Oh come on Ba
don't be such a sneak
I only check Goy
when I'm on my tea break

I will let you off
as your ditty above
Has made me laugh loudly
but enough is enough

loyal and trusted employee

13 Sep, 2013


I know you Ba
You just find a way
To increase your takings
So true?

This time it will
A recruit agency
Just in time
To fleece Annie
Anew. :0)

13 Sep, 2013


The women has no heart
I'm a mother of two
and without a job
what would we all do?

13 Sep, 2013


A little reading for you Mel
For when the weathers dirty
I recommend that you begin my pet
"A little lost in Somerset"

to follow next
Before your bed
Get"sidetracked in Stourhead"

to finish up your lesson
I suggest the last short blog
Would be captivated inthe courts
And you'd sleep just like a log.....

My adding up is poor you know
But I think thats 2025
I tried to load one on the tablet
Its lucky to be alive!!

13 Sep, 2013


I've just sneaked in to check this blog,
But later I'll be smirking -
I'll find those tales, thanks for the tip
Just now I should be working!

I've washing up, and meal to cook
Some sweeping and some dusting.
But later on when it's all done
I'll be laughing 'til I'm busting.

I'm sure Annella's most correct
Despite her taste for whisky*
Mind you - it does explain a lot
No wonder she's so frisky!

Who would have guessed that dear BA
Likes to blow the whistle?
Mind you , I think it's all a tease -
(Now I can only think of "thistle". Damn.)

* A girl after my own heart!

13 Sep, 2013


Epistle? :-)

13 Sep, 2013


That'll be when she's read them Ba......she'll need to go to specsavers....happy days

I,m so enjoying Tets blog but I though Bloomer would be back or is she still away.....riotous living that girl. :0)))

13 Sep, 2013


Well - that would do, and very apt
The rhymes have kept me keen and rapt.
What Tet must think, I cannot guess -
"epistle", "tome" or just a mess!

No - surely she'll be very proud
To have inspired this bardic crowd ...
One hundred and eighty four and counting
The record attempt is surely mounting.

Specsavers will rub their hands with glee,
At the thought of a massive spending spree
Brought on by eyestrain, headaches and pain
Caused by reading this epic train...
(of thought)

13 Sep, 2013


Tet will cope I,m sure you'll find
Tilting at windmills comes to mind
Galloping to the rescue....wait and see
It could be how she did her knee.......

13 Sep, 2013


I wait to see what she will say,
The founder of this epic lay.
I'm sure she's strong and full of wit
And will know just what to do with it.
But what if she decrees "Enough!"
Will we just stop? Are we not tough?
"Oh no!" we'll cry "The lay goes on!
And on and on and on and on!
We cannot stop! We are in thrall!
We answer to our muse's call!
We are true poets!" No we're not -
We're just a rather humorous lot
Of gardeners who are having fun
Indoors, while waiting for the sun!

13 Sep, 2013


Now Mel dear I just need to ask
have you started on your task?
The one that we have set you dear
the list is very long I fear

They're Floribuinda's charming lays
they helped us through non-gardening days
Just how it started no-one knows
but the seed was planted and on it goes.

Now when your study is all through
a team of GOYers will question you
When you pass the test, (bet you can't wait)
You'll earn a 'FLORETTE' certificate.

For our great leader it was named thus
to honour her ....... you'll be one of us. \0/:-)))
Each third of March (her GOY anniversary)
We chant her name .. yes the sainted BEVERLEY.

On BEVERLEY day, no do not laugh
we cast our respectable garments off
and Spritzhenry, who's garden started it all,
Gives the Floretties clarion call

On BEVERLEY night Bloomer blows on her horn
Au naturelle as the day she was born
Respectable ladies all in the buff
dance in a frenzy ...all that kind of stuff

On BEVERLEY night, it will be here soon,
we whirl and we twirl and we howl at the moon
While on the subject, allow me to say,
Annella does this sort of thing every day.

Now where was I up to? I know I digress
we were whirling and twirling and I must confess
that this sort of thing is not good for my knees
though I'm ever so young, I'm a TYT if you please.

We pray our dear leader will answer our call
and climb back over vile Wikinuts wall
She's done it before, but t'was all in vain
She climbed back over their wall again:-((

14 Sep, 2013


Oh my goodness! What a wheeze!
Is this true, or do you tease?
March the 3rd? Won't it be cold?
You Florettes certainly are bold.

I haven't had the time just yet
But I'll be learning, you can bet.
Floribunda's blogs I'll read -
Your info's given all I need.

Be assured I'll study hard
So I can rave in my backyard.

14 Sep, 2013


Heavens above! What a chat!
I'll need a rest now I've read that!
I really hope there's not a test -
I could only try to do my best!
"Lost in Somerset"? I should say
All of you had lost the way!
I must admit I skipped a bit -
I hope you're not too shocked by it.
I think I'll stop and take a nap
Before I tackle the next lap.
I do admire your staunchness, though -
You certainly all had a go!
Will this match that blog, do you think?
Perhaps we all should see a shrink!

14 Sep, 2013


This frst question is in three parts

Part the first. I will not relent
what form of travel did Janey invent?
Laminate travel ... the inventor of that?
what method of travel's referred to as B.A.T.?

It's imperative that you answer each part
or else you may have to go back to the start.
For Florettes must have stamina, be thorough and goody
no skipping get back to your study:-))

14 Sep, 2013


I thought that I heard a clarion call,
but didn't want to intrude at all..
I am still here, not lost in space,
so thought I'd better show my face..
Today I've aged another year,
but you lot keep me young on here!
And pamg said I should drop by..
so thought I would to keep an eye
to see how all you Goyers fare,
(though my visits have been rare..)
But just to show I'm still alive
and adding to this blog I strive..
And let you know, dear Ba and Tet,
I'm not in the Asylum...yet! \0/ Love, Flori Lauri..tee hee hee!

14 Sep, 2013


You see it has worked! Our dear leader's here \0/
I hope that she won't soon disappear
she should stay with us mortals down here, but
Her Mount Olympus is Wikinut :-(

We are not worthy, yet hope I will
that our great leader is with us still
Come on girls gyrate for all you're worth
to keep our dear Flori on GOYish earth

Many Happy Returns (in more than one way)
This is your third coming... and on your Birthday! :-)))

15 Sep, 2013


Welcome dear Flori
Our Ba got her wish

Poor Mel is trying in her abode
To access those blogs
That I can't even load!

Such fun we were having
And having now too
Wonder what Tet
And Bloomer will do. :0)))

15 Sep, 2013


I know I've been home since Saturday night
but I've been washing and ironing so time was tight
However, it took me the rest of the time
To catch up on all of this fabulous rhyme
I've laughed til my sides ached over all your hard work
Studying those Lays - not a task you should shirk
For those were the days of poetical heights
when the folks from "sidetracked" poked out Moon Sisters lights!

Once again we have rattled your cage Flori dear
Its wonderful seeing you back on here
Happy Birthday dear Bev, I hope Raffie's well
I've missed him quite sorely, so please will you tell
him and give him a hug from his fan club in Bristol
That you have been missed here is clear as crystal!

Annella my dear once again has your past
caught you up with a vengeance lol - long may it last
For your antics with firemen we should never forget
My sides ache with thinking of it, you shouldn't regret
How we laughed til we cried at your tipsy tirade
It really was a right escapade!

I really must go now it's not yet six
in the morning, this week's busy. I must fix
The garden, it looks drab and drear
I bought plants while away and my iris I fear
won't get planted if I spend the day at the 'puter
If I don't do it this month, they won't have a future!

So please hold the fort girls, I will read every day
and will add my mite, every night after working away
in the garden - I have blogs to read and some to write
of my holiday hold on tight!

16 Sep, 2013


I'm back too,and nice to behold,
our Flori is back within the fold,
Happy Birthday to you, although it's quite late,
but never to wish all the best to a mate,
the washing's all done,and all put away,so now I can
once again, come out to play,
The'Somerset 'blog has come to the fore,
and I've laughed at our antics,just like before,
I only read half,as it messed with my head,
and sleep didn't come easy,as I went to my bed..
What did we start,Annella and Tet?
All Janey's fault with the magic Carpet..
With Ba travel,it was quite a scare,flying wherever,
she just didn't care..
The padded room,the 'home and 'end'.
And I'm still 'Ambi' going round the bend..!
Pam and Mel,it's plain to see,
are really just as mad as me ..
well,almost...says she ,muttering on her way to the kitchen...what happens in this's not padded?
Ah..a kettle ..must be brekkie and pill time..duh!

16 Sep, 2013


Poor pams still struggling
With this horrible bug
But reading all this
Is just like a warm hug

Bloomer like you
I've just taken a pill
One to give me (good) bugs
One to make others ill

Wasn't it fun
all those years ago
Strong friendships formed
And onwards they go

Its blowing a gale
Outside here now
Apples and pears
All over the floor
I ought to make jam and chutney......and more

Maybe tomorrow
I'll make a start
Now sugar and vinager
All have a part

So recipes to find
Ingredients to buy
Kitchen a mess
And I wonder why?

16 Sep, 2013


Sorry to hear you are poorly dear Pam
While you pile up ingredients for chutney and jam
I would pass on the chutney, for a while anyhow
Cos you'll need that vinegar to bathe your hot brow!

My OH and I had a rib cracking morning
Reading those poems (the laughs came without warning)
The Courts was sooo funny I have to admit that
We excelled at the rhyming, were witty with chat
And you're right Pam, we made some wonderful friends
Tho I deserted awhile, I hope I'm making amends

Dear Sticki I miss and down-under Pip too
I'm sure they'll be back, we made a terrible crew
I cannot remember who's picture the moon
started off the Moon Sisters, hope I'll find it soon.

Mel's a great poetician to add to our group
Annella is back with her fireman's droop
I await, bated breath for BA's next creation
You can bet your life she'll start a new altercation!

16 Sep, 2013


Now Tet dear how can you forget such a gal?
the Moonie was Yorkshire, our dear friend Val.

Another who's left us, hope just for a while
to see Val on here would cause us to smile.

Perhaps she'll come back when she's feeling better
she's terribly missed and we won't forget her.

Where is the Wild rose and where is she blooming?
she'd better come back now that Autumn is looming.

to join us Florettes as we dance in the buff
with our whirling and twirling and that sort of stuff:-))

16 Sep, 2013


My goodness - O Lordy - what have I begun?
It started so calmly - just a little clean fun.
But now I'm embroiled in an epic exam!
Oh please, not a test - I'm in such a jam!

I thought I had left such vile things far behind.
Well - I WON'T! - and how dare you all mess with my mind?
But, oh dear, then again, it is all such good fun -
I don't really mind - but I think you have won!

I shall start all afresh - I'm a new member here.
You have all given me a full dose of good cheer.
So hurrah for the Florettes, may you always thrive -
Whatever life brings, you bring humour alive!

I am flattered to join such a vivacious group
And long may you welcome new folk to your troupe.
For friends, and a laugh, and a cup of good cheer
Are what keep us all logging on year by year!

16 Sep, 2013


Mel my dear
we love you being here
Its an outlet for cares of the day

You battle your wits
With poetic bits
And forget just why you felt blue!

My gardens invaded!
No it is True
We've pheasants galore
A hullabaloo!

They come every morning
And come every night
It started at 20
Oh what a sight

But now there are less
(I l hate to tell you)
theres a road inbetween us and their home
Boo hoo

16 Sep, 2013


I forgot Ba that it was Val
Send a pm
Say she's needed!

Pips ok or Flori says
That shes doing well
In Oz
buzy now and working too
Good news but our loss

And Rosie so her blog does say
Has been on holiday
And with my bug
My dear Ba
In the Buff?

16 Sep, 2013


Checked Yorkie's pics...not hers! Maybe Sticki?

16 Sep, 2013


Not Sticki, nor Annella..none of the moon pics have enough comments...Cinders? Michaela? who else???

16 Sep, 2013


It was Val's moonstruck photograph not blog:-)

16 Sep, 2013


Two nights in a Youth Hostel I did spend,

I know the 'youth' bit is slightly wrong my friend!

Our room looked out onto the sea,

The lighthouse beam shone down on me.

The mattress on our bed was very lumpy

I couldn't sleep - it was SO bumpy!

They changed it for a better one, I was told

But I shan't go back - I think I'm too old!!!

16 Sep, 2013


Oh dear,Wildrose, no comfy bed,
on which to lay your weary head,
you should have tried that new Lifeboat..
rocking gently,but not afloat,
you might have ended all at sea,
with handsome men,at your knee,
If you go again,give me a clue
I'll pack my case,and come with you !
( you already know I quite like Sailors ) Lol.

16 Sep, 2013



Youth hostels may be found off the beaten track,

I don't care one bit as I shan't be going back!

I need a bit of comfort and a taste of luxury

A nice country hotel or a friendly B and B!.

A nice, comfy bed at the end of the day,

Is what I shall be looking for on my next holiday!

16 Sep, 2013


Bloomer I have taken to your clever plan,

A pleasant arrangement with a lifeboatman!

We might even be useful out at sea

With our yellow wellies and instinctive bravery!

Let's go for it Bloomer, who knows where this could end?

Sailing into the sunset with our new nautical friend!!!

16 Sep, 2013


I'm sure the seamen are all able,
and we might get to dine at the Captains table,
sailing through straits both wide and narrow,
We might even meet up with Jack Sparrow,
to the Caribbean,where the sun meets the sky,
but just our luck to meet Captain bird's eye !!!
and on the journey,our way we wend,
I'll probably get a Fisherman's friend:o))

16 Sep, 2013


I found Yorkie's moon picture but there isnt much on it BA. And I know we had poems on it. Remember Don Quixote?

16 Sep, 2013


Well I don't know - you're hopeless cases -
Lifeboatmen or firemen and strong embraces!
But we don't blame you - truth to tell
We'd quite like a bit of that as well!

The youth hostel bed sounds rather dire
Next time you book choose something higher
Up the pecking order, so to speak -
Book a 4* for the week!

16 Sep, 2013


Now look here Chris and Bloomer too
I don't know what is wrong with you
you all have had a holiday
is it from me you run away?

I could not let you sail alone
I'm sure you'll need a chaperone
to keep those burly men in line
I'll stay beside them all the time

While sailing on the rolling sea
I'll keep you safe, you can trust me
to keep those handsome men at bay
I'll lock you up both night and day

I'll guard your honour all the time
the sacrifice will be all mine
I'll stay with this satanic crew
it's only what a friend should do

I'll do all this for your good names
I'll play in all their sailor games
I'll sip their grog and share their food
Hope it won't put them 'in the mood'

The only woman they can see
whatever will become of me ? :-O
when safe in harbour out you'll come
intact still, glad to be home.

Don't thank me now just keep in touch
for you dears nothing is to much!

17 Sep, 2013


Tet, I looked at over half of the 'Sidetracked' blog and mention is made of Moonies in Feb I think 2011 also lots of interesting recipes, mostly from Pam, which I must try so put it on faves. I was laughing out loud as I read the ramblings, I'll try and finish it today. Have you contacted Val?:-))

17 Sep, 2013


I think the very first blog was 'lost in somerset'....I tried to load it onto the tablet but it had steam coming out of its ears 1500 comments overloaded its system! :0)

Down in Poole
On Dorsets coast
The lifeboats have their base
Very soon we packed our case
And travelled there in haste
(well not really it was the Sandbanks ferry)

Lots of lifeboat men and boats
To keep us entertained
And information too recieved
So nothing was in vain

But did you know that for a fee
When the college is quiet
Bed and board can be obtained
Good food too, no diet!

17 Sep, 2013


Good morning ladies, I hope you're all well
to hear from dear Flori really is swell
it seems like an age since her cd she sent
something to treasure, a favourite present

I hope she pops back and that Val can join in
so we can ask them "where have you bin?"
now what's the arrangements for going to sea
there's no point in going without little old me

You'll all be much safer with me on board
my knowledge of men is incredibly broad
removing sou'westers no problem you see
I'll be quicker than Bloomer and do it with glee!

17 Sep, 2013


Annella don't fear, if you come along
I'll look after you too, with the girls you belong
Locked in with bloomer and Chris...why the face?
it's to keep the men safe from YOU in this case:-))

17 Sep, 2013


Pam I've got Sidetracked in Stourhead on my faves and 'Somerset' blog and Summer What a Washout. Where is Vals Moon Picture? I can't find it:-)

17 Sep, 2013


Not sure what you are trying to say
So I've packed my tankini all ready Ba
And when you're safely locked up in the bog
'Twill be me that plays with the captains log

17 Sep, 2013


Annella - you witch - whatever you do
Don't get mixed up with BA and the crew
I know they will love you but BA's not sharing
For all that she tells you for your sake, she's caring

You are better off with your fireman dear
Those boys they are hot and don't live near a pier
They will keep you right toasty tho they're kinky I hear
They are into big hoses and rubbery gear!!

So Bloomer and Mel, and dear Pamg too,
Take a leaf from Annella choose brigade and not crew
You'll have much more fun with your feet on dry land
Leave BA to her sailors - kicking up wet sand!

Me - I'll just watch and list'n to your stories
Of muscular firebrands and sand and sea forays
All safe and sat here my computer awaiting
With hot bated breath the next chapter - x-rating?

17 Sep, 2013


You should see what I,ve been reading, but its all one sided, tantelising glimpses of moonies and moon sisters.....and a lovely photo of Tet riding champion the wonder horse.....

But no fgull moon photo although its mentioned all the time, must have been deleted

Strong drink being taken.....and Bloomer stealing Tets false eyebrows....well I think thats what it said my eyes have gone all funny~~~~~~well I think they was watching them tottering all high heels and beehive hairdos!

So um don't know Ba, its frustrating

It nearly cooked my tablet so maybe she had to let it go........

17 Sep, 2013


Dear Tet I'll reply without much delay
I'm aware of Ba's Machiavellian way
the most experienced here with drool and grog
I can even withstand the thickest of fog

My aim is to find a pirate so rough
and believe me he will have to be tough
so brace up the main sail and shiver me timber
no need to apply if you look like long John Silver

17 Sep, 2013


I think the 'moonies' may have been flagged or flogged lol!

17 Sep, 2013



17 Sep, 2013


Those men Annella you can wrap around your finger
But in Ba's murky world you should really not linger
For as fast as she ditches a business, another
Will pop up to fleece you without any bother
Or hold you to ransom, your rellies to fleece
Her grip on your cash is vice-like, no release
Her interest in men is to take all their lolly
She's not really into having a jolly
party, so it should not be a surprise...
Yes, it IS Dollar signs that you see in her eyes!

But saying all that, she a girl who likes fun
Just don't talk about business and you won't be undone

17 Sep, 2013


I knew you'd stick up for me Tetrarch my friend
So being a fun girl, fun greetings I send
but poor old Annella she's got it all wrong
She's forgotten that john Silver's nickname was...
LONG! :-))

17 Sep, 2013


I've just ordered a book The Incredible Spice Men
They're jolly good cooks and they seem like such nice men

One born in India, the other's from Scotland
I never knew Scotland could be such a hot land.

When watching their program, my spirit is lifted.
Such fun loving men and at cooking so gifted.

Cookery programs were leaving me cold
(though on the Great British Bake Off I'm sold)

But these happy spice men have brought back my yen
So I will start cooking all over again:-)

17 Sep, 2013


Aha - you've succumbed, my dear Bornagain -
Not firemen or pirates but jolly spice men!
So one is from India and one is a Scot
Who cares where they hail from - they're obviously HOT!

So now we shall find you bent o'er a hot stove,
Concocting rare mixes, from fine spices wove.
How family will love you - but one word of warning
The kitchen will smell pretty rich the next morning!

17 Sep, 2013


You can keep all your Firemen ,and Sailors too,
James Martin is on,for me he will do :
Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :o)

17 Sep, 2013


Ba I do not need a chaperone,
If lifeboatmen are near.
I shall keep each one all to myself,
I'll be perfectly fine - do not fear!!

I shall have to take on a helpless pose,
And hope they come to my aid!
But if any of you try to join is as well.
I shall elbow you out I'm afraid!!

Time to go and watch 'Bake Off' now so I must say 'Cheerio' and leave those hunky men to me - I'll cope somehow!!!

17 Sep, 2013


Oh Wildrose I though you were innocent and sweet
Like your name, instead your roots are nowt but clay feet
I imagined you in frilly white dress, daisy chain upon your head
But I see your mind's polluted, foul weeds grow there instead
Now all that's left is Mata Hari, or Lorilei the siren
Looking for a sailor boy - make sure he is a fine 'un
You mustn't read our wicked prose or your character
will harden
Go back to being a sweet wild child and stay within your garden
Ba's ventures dire, Annella's quirks and even Bloomer - true!
Have got this bug which Pam mistakenly thought was just the 'flu!

17 Sep, 2013


Mel, jolly Spice men are such good viewing,
but not the sort you would go wooing

and Tet's had a rude awakening
after thinking Wildrose a sweet little thing

True colours in the end will out
when handsome laddies are about.

And sisterley love? the notion's risible
it's each for herself when they want to get physical

I'm so disappointed with you all
I really may not come back at all

Gone off in a huff that's what I've done
I hope your ashamed of yourselves everyone >:-[

17 Sep, 2013


Before I go off in a huff, Tet, at the time we couldn't favourite blogs could we? Maybe all is lost ! I don't think it was flagged 'cos the 'boys' let you know if something of yours is flagged I think and Val said nothing. I will continue the search!:-)

17 Sep, 2013


Oh dear! BA's got the hump, I'll have to turn her up sweet
And cast Lady Hamiltons under her feet
Those glossy warm globes that are her passion
Should do the trick..after a fashion

We need to rein back girls, we're out of control
We don't want to be banned, t'would cast a pall
So I have turned over a new leaf - I've been naughty
And led you astray and in that I've been faulty

So I'll send Bloomer back to her Cannas at Levens
And hope Wildrose stays pure - in time thank heavens!
Pam I hope you recovered from that devilish bug
I passed it around, now I feel a right mug!

Mel, we aren't always this wild doncha know
Annella's as pure as the undriven snow
As for BA well..the least said...soonest mended
To be sure its all fun I know she's not really offended

So I guess we'll return to normal...for now
To all poets hereon, do please all...TAKE A BOW
For livening up when we've post holiday blues
But winter's a-coming, so could be more..if you choose!

17 Sep, 2013


As far as I remember,Ba,I'm almost sure we could save Favourite you think Val may have deleted it herself? I know I have,with one or two of my own..please don't take your bat and ball home ..:o)..and I think you are right Tet..time to rein in..if everyone wants to ..I'm all prosed out,anyway..:o).

17 Sep, 2013


Oh ladies, I'm sure you're as pure as the morn
Your comments are racy, but -I am sure - drawn
To be amusing - they certainly are!
So - be not afraid! We can all shout "Ha Ha!"
Hurrah for the bloggers who bring on good cheer;
Hurrah for the gardeners who share friendship here;
Hurrah for all Goyers - old, young, mad or sane
May their poetry flourish, their prose never wane!

(But I have to admit, if you all feel like me
It's getting quite hard to write more ... rhymes)

17 Sep, 2013


I must admit BA, I was pretty positive it was Val's picture (not a blog) so searched there first. I know a group of folks all took pictures of the moon (unlike me, I cant do a night shot for toffee), but apart from Sticki, cant really remember.
That's it my girl, search away! You really are sooo obliging!

17 Sep, 2013


I know I left you for a while,
but in my heart you left your smiles..
And Pamg kept me up to date,
of what's been happening to my lovely mates!
Wikinut hasn't seen me much,
been busy so been out of touch..
But missed you all, so here I am,
Tet, Ba, Bloomer, Santan and Pam!
Can I join in with your fishy tale?
Sailors better than slugs and snails..
Though Spicemen, hot as they may be,
I fear are not the men for me..
But Alan T is more my guy,
he puts a sparkle in my eye!
I like my guys a little grubby..
shush! Now girls don't tell my hubby! \0/x

18 Sep, 2013


Ooh Flori......grubby wellies!
But I know what you mean about Alan T, thereagain since he's started doing all these chat shows he's getting a bit sleek cat.......

Now Ba they didn't mean it.....(now how many times have I said that!)

And when I read through the blog yesterday for the life of me I couldn't remember " Beattie" although she made loads of comments.....I think I,m getting old. :0(

oh and thankyou for your generosity Tet half way through the bugs 2nd week now. :0(

18 Sep, 2013


Is it man flu you've got Pam? I had that just after Christmas. I felt like death and even when I recovered I found I couldn't eat foods I had always loved, including bacon. Now I'm happy to report, as from last week, I can once again enjoy bacon and all the other stuff. hooray\0/ :-)

18 Sep, 2013


Bloomer, why have you deleted blogs? I'm not being nosey, but I need to know lol. I used to panic when I first put blogs on when I saw the 'delete this blog' button. For a moment I thought I'd done something wrong 8~/ I think, until quite recently we couldn't save blogs and the 'boys' were petitioned and now we can. Now you know I could be wrong...... :-))

18 Sep, 2013


Ba I've just looked at my saved blogs and the earliest one is dated April 2010 although it doesn't seem to be that long ago.....Time flies when you're having fun ;O)

18 Sep, 2013


I had flu at christmas too Ba, since then I,ve had recurring sinus problems and consequent antibiotics, this started with me feeling my skin and muscles were sore, wednesday last week I had to go straight back to bed, I felt so woozy thought I,d pass out, couldn't eat couldn't do a thing, awful pain and tightness in my head......oh and the shivers......

On antibiotics again but have bought multi vits & minerals with 40million friendly live bacteria as well! One a day......well I,m getting desperate this is the fifth lot of antibiotics this year, they immediatly stop the sinus pain but weeks later its back.......

I love bacon and cooked tomato rolls with mayo......or on toast...or!!
My comfor food. :0)

18 Sep, 2013


Now then,Ba..don't go getting all panicky..nothing at all to worry about me owd was just a couple, for personal reasons,which I preferred not to be commented on again....things move on,and not part of my life anymore..are you ok now? I remember how you used to be back then,..see how much you have improved ..from a scaredy cat,to a very confident ,cheeky,Business owner ! Lol...check your email,my dear..:o) x

18 Sep, 2013


Poor you, it sounds awful. I've only ever had infected sinus's once to my knowledge, although they are never right, like me lol. I had been using tablets, then squirts up my nose to no avail, just got worse. Doc gave me antibiotic nasal drops. I got mixed up and instead of a drop in each nostril, I squirted them up my nose eek ...I thought my eyes were going to fall out and my head explode lol. I once put essential oil in both my eyes in mistake for eye drops. Had to be rushed to A and E could have scarred my eyes, but I was lucky lol. All those anti-biotics must have temporarily damaged your immune system, not good to have so many is it. I have heard of people who have had an op on their sinuses, wouldn't fancy that myself. I hope it clears up soon, good job you can still laugh through the misery:-))

18 Sep, 2013


You have to laugh and this pick me up blog is a
Pick me up. :0)

its not good to have so many you are right but painkillers don't touch the pain....little shooting red hot needles at your temple with a huge elastic band round your head toothache in your cheeks and fsh fsh in your ears.....and thats on a good day. :0(

A day on antibiotics and its gone, I,m praying the high multi vits and 40million bugs do something. I,m feeling much better. :0)

You should really put your glasses on you know before you put the drops in...must have been incredibly painful you were so lucky xxx

18 Sep, 2013


That sounds exteremely unpleasant, Pam - poor you.

Don't blogs just stay there forever? I've never done anything to save my own. I assumed they're there unless the account is deleted. Or are you talking about saving other people's to "favourites"?

18 Sep, 2013


It is so lovely to read and to write ordinary sentences again but it has been very entertaining and lots of fun. Thanks to all of you for making me smile and actually laughing out loud on more than one occasion.

I would just like to confirm that your image of me as being sweet and innocent is totally accurate - how well you know me and I hopefully haven't given you any reason to think otherwise!!!

PS I have no daisies left to make my crown so I am hoping for a few diamonds instead!

18 Sep, 2013


Well diamonds are forever. sweet

It wasn't nice Mel but I,m getting there and this always makes me smile. :0)

I think blogs do but there have been hiccups like when goy changed to google, I think Yorkie may remember but it seems ages ago, maybe it got deleted by accident.....easy done!

Good old cottage pie for tea and cabbage, if I'm off colour I want comfort food. :0)

18 Sep, 2013


GOY changes to Google? What are you on Pam lol? I bet the 'boys' were very happy with that state of affairs, they must be worth millions:-)) Cabbage is a comfort food? Now I can understand cake and chocolate, but cabbage? .... shudder. I hope Yorky comes back when she feels better, I've only Tet and Annella to be nasty to:-( By the way Pam it was ylang ylang so my eyes smelt nice. I always keep eyedrops at the side of the bed so I can see when I wake up. My eyes were rather sore as I put the ylang ylang in so I put more in, then in my other eye. Suddenly shot out of bed, ran in the bathroom with my eyes under running water and calling on OH to get dressed and take me to A&E right away. I kept washing my eyes with hypromellose drops on the way. I'll never forget the incredulity in the docs voice when he said "you put it in both your eyes?" a bit like Lady Bracknell's "a handbag?" I was lucky. It's not like I do daft thing often ...ahem:-))

18 Sep, 2013


Ouch, ouch, ouch!

18 Sep, 2013


when I was saying about deleting blogs,I meant my own,as we can't delete anyone elses..but you made me laugh when you said you were worried when you saw 'delete this blog', wasn't an order ! Lol,but I know you are more techno minded now :o) x

18 Sep, 2013


I cannot stop my brains on fire
I feel the beat, I'm not a liar
This rhyming bug has got me hyper
Much more of this and I'll need a diaper

I'll tell you what we've done today
Dug up two hostas and to my dismay
Have got trugs and trugs of them sitting around
But later this eve good homes they have found
I potted two bits in my brand new pots
And rellies and friends have been given lots

We also have dire news to report
Will I have to take BA to court?
Has she cast a terrible spell on my hedge
My rowan tree also has a big wedge
A split up the trunk and my peony too
Are showing the signs I may well rue

Could it be honey fungus - oh no! surely not
I can't think of anything else they have got
My Peach Melba huechera, five years old
Is droopy and poorly - have they caught Pam's cold?
The fungus they say can spread 30 metres or more
And on Google they tell me there is no cure

Oh pray for me girls, my garden could die
If I have honey fungus I know I will cry (:%%%

18 Sep, 2013


Oh Tet my dear, it may not be
that honey fungus killed your tree

Have you looked for damning traces
of honey fungus ... black bootlaces?

Or sappy gum from the base of your tree
and yellowish toadstools you can cook for tea?

You can place a barrier one foot deep
of butyl liner, so do not weep.

Your beloved irises are far away
raised up on steps hip hip hooray\0/

It may not be honey fungus at all
so don't paint the devil on the wall.

And all is not lost if it proves to be
you can't keep down a Tet that's plain to see

Your garden will be beautiful still
the fungus must bend to the Tetrarchs will.

Plants that have shown to be relatively resistant to honey fungus include:
•Acer negundo (but not other Acer species)
•Catalpa (Indian bean tree)
•Chaenomeles (Japanese quince)
•Cotinus (smoke bush)
•Juglans nigra (but not Juglans regia)
•Passiflora (passion flower)
•Quercus (oak)
•Rhus (sumach)
•Taxus (yew)

Some beauties there and there are companies which deal with it, probably clearing old roots and soil, probably expensive though. Don't know whether you saw this when googling?

The following companies are available for the professional removal of Honey Fungus:

The Lawn Company – 0870 422 7475

Green Thumb – 0500 737 271

Information courtesy of The Scotts Company Ltd.

You've probably found all this out already, but just in case.....:-)

19 Sep, 2013


If I was you Tet I would pm either Bamboo or Dr Bob, I had an awful growth on my young willow, Ipm'd dr bob and asked if I may email him a problem, he was delightful, also very helpful, I took his advice and all is well. Bamboo is also kind and helpful. They are both experts, as is Seaburngirl.
Or put it as a question on here....

Sorry Ba but I really enjoyed the homemade pie and sweetheart cabbage ........its like a warm hug. xxx

19 Sep, 2013


Bye the way re google have you noticed that you surf the net then the ads on the pages follow you....I tbink you can turn. It off....

19 Sep, 2013


You can download Adblocker - well worth it.

19 Sep, 2013


I use adblocker too,especially good on's great not to see any adverts at all :o)

19 Sep, 2013


Yes - it gets rid of them all!

19 Sep, 2013


I miss those saying hot young men wanted to meet me ...quite made my day:-(

19 Sep, 2013


I would have missed them too - but I never saw them in the first place :-(

19 Sep, 2013


Oh Ba..I remember those! but dream on girl..get an electric overblanket instead at least you can turn it on and off! Lol x Wheeeeeeeeeee .,

19 Sep, 2013


Oh Tet, I can really empathise my friend..I lost my second Robinia 'Frisia' this year to whatever is killing them. It was over 20 years old and my pride and joy..No warning at all. Leafed up last year and not a thing this year, it is completely dead. Only good thing is my Wisteria has climbed into it, so at least I have some greenery still on there.
It breaks your heart to lose a tree, I have lost three altogether now within the last few years.. Hope whatever is wrong with your Rowen can be sorted my friend, I really do. xxx

19 Sep, 2013


My clems, bamboo and pieris, so very few!
are safe from this disease, tis true
But mushrooms may not show for years
The weeping sap is a dribble, like tears
I cannot get under the hedge to see
if those bootlaces are there, cant dig up the tree
to see what's beneath - I will have to wait
To access my neighbour's side the hedges fate
More clearly to see what's going on there
I don't use weedkiller the wildlife to spare
It may just be dryness and lack of good feed
One tends to forget that's what hedges need
We dug up the phygelius that was looking quite poorly
But the roots seems quite normal and it would show, surely?
I'll follow your wise words dear Pam tho don't know
Dr Bob but I chatted to Bamboo long ago
I will take some photos and contact them both
'Bout my sick looking tree and the hedge without growth.
My thanks to you BA for all the information
I would hate to lose 13 years of creation!

20 Sep, 2013


Thanks Flori, yes it's quite an emotional attachment growing a tree from a baby, lost my lilac last year to a storm. It completely unbalanced the garden. It is taken a whole year to decide what to put in its place and the poor thing (Sorbus chinensis) looks so small at present.

The Rowan is in a difficult spot..might have to make large changes if we take it out. Getting a bit old for that sort of work now. Sigh...C'est la vie!

20 Sep, 2013


We lost our "frisia" too this year, just like Flori......and we did some years ago lose a youngish rowan, the four youn ones we have at the moment are full of berries but I think they can be tricky with drought/wet conditions......
Its always a slightly nervous time in the spring to see who makes it through.
Position makes a suprising difference, the two young walnut at the south end of the field leaf up ages before the two at the north end, even though they have big trees at their back and get full sun, whereas the two the other end have big trees on their south side so are more shady but leaf first. fascinating!

20 Sep, 2013


I love Frisias and have noticed that all the ones that I used to admire around here have died this year. Hope your garden will be ok Tet.

20 Sep, 2013


They are lovely trees, but I don't think they can be very robust. I had one years ago, but it sickened and died - no idea what did for it.

20 Sep, 2013


There was a beauty at the top of our road - it too died after looking gorgeous the previous year. I get the feeling it may not be too hardy.

20 Sep, 2013


Hi Mel, nice to meet you! Don't know so much about the Robinia 'Frisia' not being robust, but there has been a disease wiping out the 'Frisia' across the UK since 2009, and last heard, not even the RHS had any idea what was causing it..

I lost one a couple of years back but put it down to being a bit of a weak tree that never seem to take too well, but Dottydaisy warned me about how many of these trees were suddenly dying for no obvious reason and they are usually as tough as old boots!

It broke my heart to see my stronger 20 year old tree die as it was an absolute beauty. There was no warning at all.. I am still grieving for it.
Even some of the Garden Centres and Nurseries are advising against planting them now and to go for a Gleditsia instead.
I don't think I would take a chance with another 'Frisia' now after losing both of mine I must admit..sob :~(

20 Sep, 2013


So many bugs and diseases affecting trees these days, its such a worry......
My horse chestnuts are much better this year with regards to the leaf miner, the last few years by now the leaves have been full of them much more green showing.

21 Sep, 2013


Hi Floribunda! Your fame (or notoriety) goes before you, lol!

I noticed a young and very pretty Robinia Frisia in a front garden just around the corner from us, and will keep an eye on it. I hadn't heard about the current blight, but - as Pam says - there seem to be so many bugs and blights around.

Oh - I have just seen a huge skein of geese flying past. That's the first one I've seen this year - Autumn is certainly upon us. I thought I heard some a couple of evenings ago. I shall have to try and photograph them - they are a regular sight here for the next few months.

21 Sep, 2013


Are you near any wetland sites Mel?
We are close to the River Soar and the we know when the winter floods block some lanes.....thankfully we live on a hill which keeps our feet dry!
So canada geese and swans especially, where we go in SW Scotland is near the Solway and Rspb sites, the beach too has a lovely variety, my favorites there I think is the curlew at dusk and watching the oystercatchers on the beach

21 Sep, 2013


Yes - we are near to Martin Mere and there are several smaller RSPB sites along the coast. We have marshes along the coastline here and there are thousands of over-wintering geese on them. They are very spectacular - they fly off in the morning and return at dusk. It's an amazing sight. There are a lot of swans on the Marine Lake as well. (The sea is usually a long way out, so the prom borders a long lake. The pier crosses it and a road before it gets to the beach.)

21 Sep, 2013


I had a beautiful Frisia some a few years ago which sadly outgrew its space so I decided to give it a lop rather than get rid of it. Big mistake!! it sent out suckers up to twenty feet away! ...but they were just robinia (rootstock I suppose) and it all had to go:-( There is a very tall one I can see in a garden a few streets away. Last year I noticed the top was dying back and I can't see it this year. I don't think the gleditsia is a lovely as the frisia, but it's nice to see golden leaves:-)

22 Sep, 2013


Just as all the lovely autumn colour is appearing in the garden and beyond, we are off on holiday - --I know, it is such a pity isn't it?

I shall miss you all and look forward to joining you again in about 2 weeks time.

22 Sep, 2013


Where to this time Rosie?
Hope you have a lovely holiday x

22 Sep, 2013


We are going to a small Greek island called Paxos which is a not very far from Corfu. It is a pretty place and we have been there a few times but never in September.

Stay well Pam.

22 Sep, 2013


Chris you lucky thing, be sure to take lots of pics:-))

22 Sep, 2013


Well it sounds lovely but the day we had yesterday, lovely warm sun, was gorgeous too but not as reliable, its a grey morning!

23 Sep, 2013


It's been warm here for a good few days now and sunny too wooo hoooo:-)

25 Sep, 2013


It's been mild here as well - it feels lovely and it's good for gardening, but not much sun, sadly. I'm hoping to get some good autumn pictures, but it's all very grey.

25 Sep, 2013


Grey here today, but mild and dry, a bit depressing really lol . I hate having to water when there's no sun, but everywhere is so dry:-)

26 Sep, 2013


.Sun shines on the righteous Ba.......well over here anyway, we did have a steady shower yesterday but not enough to wet the ground if you know what I mean......Its lovely to be so mild,I just think that when it finally breaks down we'll know to it.....

26 Sep, 2013


Have I mentioned I don't like Autumn:-(

26 Sep, 2013


Winter is worse!
Autumn can be lovely but so sad too as all the trees go bare and it gets so cold you have to wear so many layers of clothes, its been lovely this year just going outside in a tee shirt and makes you feel more relaxed instead of hunched up from the cold. :0(

27 Sep, 2013


Yes Pam, we've been spoilt this year. If I was in government, I'd shorten the colder months and insist on more sun ... oh and only allow rain in the wee small hours ... anyone voting for me?:-))

27 Sep, 2013


You have my vote Ba if you stop this stupid putting back the clocks!
BST for me.....Or anything where they don't keep 'altering time' every few months.....

27 Sep, 2013


It's on the agenda Pam:-))

27 Sep, 2013


Good! You have my vote and I'll campaign from the sofa if you like..

27 Sep, 2013


Pam can be my campaign manager:-))

28 Sep, 2013


I'll bring the soap box..someone else can carry it :o)
who is going to bring the loudhailer??? do you have a local Mayor with his bell,as back up,Ba ?

28 Sep, 2013


Ba won't need a loud hailer Bloomer....... :0)))

28 Sep, 2013


Ooh,Pam are in deep trouble when she sees that! get your crash helmet ready ! :o)

28 Sep, 2013



I thought it was a compliment. ~~~~~~creep creep~~~~~~

29 Sep, 2013


Lol,I wondered if you were a bit of a crawler,Pam ! ha ha..

29 Sep, 2013


Now girls, fellow BAPS (B.A.Party Societies) members, remember that disunity in political parties turns off voters. BAPS is an all inclusive party, made up of all straters of society, hence its name..... and must at all times be referred to as 'our BAPS' or 'your BAPS' this will soon catch on like the 'peoples party' only more succinct and inclusive. Now it is our mission to grow our BAPS, the larger our BAPS grow the better for us and NOW is the time to recruit. All TYTs, SISters, Moonies GOYers ...this is your clarion call ... help grow our BAPS! We need an awful lot of members to help raise the money needed for the election deposit, so go rattling those tins .... Help us create the Country we really deserve:-))

29 Sep, 2013


****BAPS FOR WOMEN!!****

29 Sep, 2013


That's the ticket Pam:-))

29 Sep, 2013


*******WHAT DO WE WANT?*******

um what do we want?..........

30 Sep, 2013


The 300th comment..! THAT'S WHAT WE HAVE ! ....I think?...
well done BAPS...I think?:o)) x

30 Sep, 2013


Um..... \0/. \0/. \0/.

30 Sep, 2013


When do we want it? :-))

30 Sep, 2013


Ummmmm. I've got to get the dinner ready.....

30 Sep, 2013


Sorry I have been absent of late
As with my garden I've had a date
To plant and dig, trim and cut
Alstroemerias here are in full glut!

The Rowan tree, sob, is going today
Its branches no more will get in our way
The iris are nearly complete in new home
Just six more to plant in their sandy loam

My sister's still with us, so we're out and about
She like to go visiting of this there's no doubt
So twas Tyntesfield last Wednesday and outings galore
We done a few miles countryside to sea shore

I've been following news and am excited to see
That BAPS have joined BATS and BAFS you'll agree
That BA's business empire is growing and spreading
It's politics now..and you can see where she's heading

Beware David Cameron your days are numbered
As with BA's Government we will soon be lumbered
Richard Branson beware...have we been here before??
As BAPS becomes BAGS, BA's Government for sure!

I'm off now to help with felling the tree
And later some visiting the family to see
Come Monday the 8th my dear Sis will be home
Leaving OH and I exhausted, and alone!

1 Oct, 2013


Well hopefully then
Back here you will be
We need more Baps
For Ba's party

Or Bags
Or maybe Barm cakes
(Or are they meant for tea?)
Food for the troups
In Ba's Barmy Army......

1 Oct, 2013


Oh no! back to poems
I was having a rest
from rhyming and oding
at Goyers request.

Now back comes out Tet
full of vigour and vim
and starts us GOYs rhyming
all over again

Clocks stay where they are no more forwards and back
Then we'll know where we are, no need to keep track
and as for the rain, be it torrent or showers
it will just be allowed in nights wee small hours

It's time for a change, the Country needs us
We'll manage it quietly no need for a fuss

The sun will keep shining though never too hot
no more dark and dismal... we'll smile quite a lot

Warm sun and soft breezes, our lives will be bliss
How odd politicians have not thought of this.

A peaceful uprising will bring us all cheer
We'll be ruling the Country by this time next year

Political parties red, orange and blue
are down in the polls, yes their day is through

We've left them behind, I hate to be blunt,
but we Goyers are marching Our BAPS out in front!

1 Oct, 2013


And snails will be banished - of that we are sure.
The gardeners' vote will mean slugs are no more!
All flowers will flourish - no more wilt or rot -
BA will ensure that all pests go to pot.

And while we are at it, we'll slow down the grass
So we don't have to mow until three weeks have passed.
We'll spend all our gardening time in the sun
And wake to moist gardens - it will be such fun.

So BAPS to the forefront, it's right, you can see
(Although up 'til now, I thought baps were for tea-
We don't have them here, in Lancs they're called barms)
So come on girls, BAPS it is; right - shoulder arms!

1 Oct, 2013


My dear Mel do I read that right?
That Lancs folk are barmy?
Cor what a sight!

Baps out in front
And our rainbow rosette
(maybe a snail we could keep as a pet)

well its Barmy our Army
So what else you see
The mascot we follow
A slug it must be.....

1 Oct, 2013


Mel can't we keep
a molusc or two?
I've heard that their slime
takes the wrinkles from you

but I'm tickle stomached
and slime I don't dig
so will you be a dear
and be my guinea pig?

Just pick up a slug
and rub him on your skin
t'will cost not one penny
situation .. win win

we will need some pics
some before and after
then a business we'll form
I'm really a grafter

We'll call it BA's Slime
it will sale like hot cakes (barm)
We'll patent the slime
we won't suffer fakes.

Our BAPS will grow huge
with the money we're making
(minus Chief Execs wages,
that goes without saying)

The rainbow rosette
an idea of genius
so a bonus for Pam
See I'm really not mean-ius:-))

1 Oct, 2013


Well I never - slugs for skin!
Whatever did you read that in?
It sounds quite grim, I must admit,
But I suppose I must do my bit.

So pass the molluscs - on they go!
Put a poster up for show!
I'll be quite famous ("She's the one -
We'll vote for BAPS, they're really fun")

And when my skin is like a dream,
And all the molluscs now face cream,
For being the slimy creatures' host
I'll get a governmental post!

(For as we know, the PM's line :
"I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine"!)

[And, by the way, bread - I've found -
Has different names the country round.
You cannot get a barm far north,
Nor here a bap, for what it's worth.

In London if you try to buy
A fadge, you'll only get a sigh;
And stotties too, and other makes
Like humble oven-bottom-cakes.

But though that's true, it adds a spice
To buying local bread that's nice
When you are having fun away
So to local names I say "Hooray!"

But Pam, my dear, it would not do
To suggest that my neighbours are "cuckoo".
I'm an incomer here - I must take care.
Barm cakes are a treat - so there!]

1 Oct, 2013


A lancashire lass is what I was
when mum and dad had me
I could dance in clogs and had whippet dogs
and a flat cap, so you see
I was flabberghasted when they said
no more lancashire, but Mersey.
How could this be? I just couldn't see
how we'd moved, although I tried
How did Liverpool move from Lancashire
into good old Merseyside?:-)

1 Oct, 2013


The party's taking shape and it is clear
Pam's party chairman cos she is such a dear
And as BA said a rainbow rosette
Must be the best suggestion yet.
I'm not sure what post Mel should hold
Beauty Minister? But I am sold
On the idea of Minister for Bread
She's very knowledgeable and will keep us fed
Bloomer's so cheerful, a cert for the post
Of Minister of Fun - she makes a good host
I guess we'll have to have BA as PM
She makes folk think she's the creme de la creme
For me, well I'm happy with small things you see
So Minister of Chocolates will do for me.

1 Oct, 2013


I would like to be
Your chief taster

Dear Tet you won't be out of pocket
The idea will take off like a rocket
For every member we enrol
To temp them with chocolate
Will be my role

It will be
A deam job for me
All those sample I will try
Remember those from maker Fry?
Rainbow filling
Just the job
And it cost less

Than abob!

My dear Mel
Here in the middle
Cobs are what we like to eat!

Round and crusty,
Soft inside
Big hunk of
Leicester red (our pride)

Or filled with bacon
Is just so nice
rolls or baps or other bread
Don't let them go right to your head
A crusty cob is what you need
For your family to feed.......

2 Oct, 2013


Oh dear, BA - it is a shame
That Lancashire parts have lost their claim
To retain their true Lancastrian pride -
Now Southport's part of Merseyside.

Sandgrounders weep and tear their hair -
"How can we be part of there?
It's miles away, and we are LANCS!
Did we want to leave? Did we? No thanks!"

But there you go, ho hum, who cares?
The locals protest and say their prayers.
But you cannot change, without permission,
The edicts of the Boundaries Commission.

But the Post Office said, "Despite this mess
It does not need to be in your address.
Your mail comes through Preston" - isn't that great?
So we designate ourselves "Southport - PR8"!

2 Oct, 2013

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