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By siris


A Crab Apple tree growing in the verge outside next-doors property on the left was considered to be dying. Branches were breaking off and dropping on to the road. The trunk had rotted where the dogs had relieved themselves against it. Also over the years the grass cutting machines had ring barked around the base, so the Council removed it last year. It could have been over 50 years old.
Pic 1. It proved to be still alive as it sent up some new shoots although the council grass cutters managed to graunch their machine by running it over the stump.

Imagine our surprise when we saw outside our property a new tree being planted. Asking the contractor what it was he said a flowering cherry, Rancher.
Looking this up it turns out to be a Prunus sargentii ‘Rancho’, a fastigiate cherry.

I agree totally with more tree planting but am a little concerned that it might cast shade over my Iris bed. As the two neighbours front ‘gardens’ on the right hand side are ‘car parks’, totally paved over, it would have been more appropriate to have planted it in one of their verges.
Still I am looking forward to see if it manages to produce blossom this Spring, its’ first year.

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If its fastigiate any shade should soon pass over? Its nice to see a council willing to undertake any tree planting anyway. Hope it soon flowers!

17 Jan, 2022


Thank you Stera, I think the shade will be cast in Summer mid afternoon towards S.W.

17 Jan, 2022


I hope it's a pretty tree and doesn't cast too much shade. I agree with planting more trees but not too near houses, I think the best place for them is in a forest.

17 Jan, 2022


well at least it is an interesting tree and fastigiate.
lets hope it has blossom this spring.

17 Jan, 2022


I've just looked the tree up, sounds like a lovely tree for all sorts of wildlfe & visual impact and a good choice by the council, let's hope you get to enjoy it for many years.

If your council is like mine I doubt the council will ever return to water it this summer so maybe give it bucket of water now & then?

18 Jan, 2022


Thank you everyone. I do think it is a good choice, being upright growing.
Some of the old Crabapples remaining along the road have branches hanging over the pavement at head height. When the neighbourhood coordinator spoke to the council about it, they just said to remove those branches ourselves, but to be aware of health & saftey precautions.!!! As the bungalows are mostly occupied by the elderly, infirm and widows, not a very satisfying response, verbal of course!!

18 Jan, 2022


That will be something to look forward to in the spring Siris!
You must have a good council!

18 Jan, 2022


I'm happy to see more tree planting too, Sue.
I do hope it's a pretty one come Spring and hopefully it doesn't cause you problems with blocking out the sunshine.

18 Jan, 2022


Councils never water the trees they plant, so as Grandad says, you'll have to water it in summer. I hope it thrives & flowers soon. Being upright, the shade shouldn't be too much if a problem.

19 Jan, 2022


I will keep an eye on the tree's wellbeing, and post some pics on its progressas the season progresses.

20 Jan, 2022


Can only be an improvement…….

28 Jan, 2022

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