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Renewing our Side Fence


By siris


Look how untidy and neglected my back garden appears.
We have just had our west-facing wooden fence replaced with composite panels as it was very rotten.
Although this side is our responsibility we had the work done from our neighbour’s side, which is concreted. This enabled me to untie all the shrubs on my side and pull them forward away from the fence line.
In front of panels 2,3 &4 the Pyracantha, a Rose the Euomymus fortunei Emerald and Gold, a Cistus creticus and several shrubby Salvias. I will prune the Salvias and Cistus back after the frosts, but not into the old wood. Anisdontea El Rayo, was still flowering here but I decided it it was easier to replace with a cutting elsewhere so removed it including the root, surprisingly easy considering the height of the shrub.

Not in the pic at the front are my 2 ponds with the linear evergreen leaves of Dieramas behind.
On the right in the top pond are my Pitcher Plants which now I leave outside in the pond all winter, just taking out in order to weed them in Spring. On the bank the purple Azalea to which I refered in my last photo of Eranthis.
All this vegetation will be tidied up in due course, but Ive spent most of today in the conservatory preserving some of the new trellis with Cuprinol for the top of the 6 half-height panels along the side of the bungalow. Another 3 pieces to go. Yawn!!!
Let the trellis dry out completely inside, then insert, tie back up the Loganberries onto the trellis.
Don’t do too much daily, just a little each day.
To be continued …..

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It is going to look good when it is all finished Siris!
Looking forward to the next blog!

23 Jan, 2022


that is certainly an ongoing progress that will make your garden sparkle. It is good you can get access from the other neighbours side. It will certainly make life easier.
I noticed one of our panels has rotted off at the top of its metapost.

23 Jan, 2022


I like your new fence very much. Was just eyeing something very similar in a local DIY store.

23 Jan, 2022


Well done Siris for tackling a large task and it will look really great as the year moves on. We need to mend a trellis that has collapsed at one side - there is always another job when you have a garden!!!

23 Jan, 2022


We had the old fence and the concrete posts put in about 12 years ago. A reasonable length of time ? but OH had put some new hoizontal lathes at the bottom of the old fencing where it had rotted a couple of years ago and was bowing outwards.

23 Jan, 2022


Look forward to seeing your updates in another blog, Sue!

24 Jan, 2022


If you get tired of doing the cuprinol just picture the loganberries...

25 Jan, 2022


Too late STERA, Ive finished treating the side Trellis and the loganberrries have been tied back in although they are not in leaf yet.

25 Jan, 2022


Not too late to think about the loganberries though. I can think about those easily any time and I bet you can too...

26 Jan, 2022


I have started my long garden tidy this week. If I don’t start now I won’t be ready in the spring. As you say Siri a little each day. I also have a wedding in a months time and I want to loose a couple of inches in my waist. Gardening has some great side effects.

26 Jan, 2022


Agree LINDA, that gardening is a great workout, the only problem is breaking off fingernails if you are going to an event.

26 Jan, 2022


Never ending fencing! … we seem to be responsible for all sides…looking forward to the next update!

28 Jan, 2022


Dd, The 7 tall new fence panels have nothing to which to attach my my shrubs. Also Ive been stepping on the borders, goodness know what I have squashed whilst trying to tidy up.

29 Jan, 2022


Masonry nails in the posts and wires between?

3 Feb, 2022


Thanks Stera, but the fencing co. advised not to drill into the posts as frost could penetrate the holes and crack the posts.

4 Feb, 2022

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