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poem by sewingkilla... ahem


I love my garden
It brings me joy,
in every season
there is much to enjoy.

In early spring the bulbs appear,
then primroses, bluebells
they show no fear

Later on the Forsythia blooms
Its cheery yellow brightens the gloom

Blossom on the Victoria Plum
Along with the Flowering currant
and hopefully some sun!

Next come the flowers oh so many
they lighten my mood and raise my spirits,

Without my garden my life would be empty
So thanks to Mother Nature for plants a-plenty!!

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Thats a lovely poem Sewinkilla great photos as well ..

7 Jan, 2009


thankyou, i have never had a go at a poem before but have been inspired by others on here, See GOY brings out things in you you never knew you had!!! :)

7 Jan, 2009


Wonderful poem and pics .Thanks for sharing!

7 Jan, 2009


MMMMMmmmm what a Lovely & Colourful Poem SK thank u its given me lots 2look forward 2 come the Spring /Summer of 2009 :)X

7 Jan, 2009


Yet another poet on GoY !
Well done Sewingkilla ~
And such lovely, colourful photos to accompany the verses.
Really good. :o)

7 Jan, 2009


Your poem and photos where enjoyable, looking forward to more in the future Sewingkiller

7 Jan, 2009


Great poem Sewingk. Well done. And your photos are so bright and colourful....just like a burst of spring on my computer. :o)

7 Jan, 2009


That spring that burst Gilli is the one your sitting on. You stole that nice blue recliner from the Bates Motel recreation area. lol

Yes I do love the brick houses over there. Where I grew up (sometimes I actually wonder if I ever will) they are abundantly brick. Here they are mostly stucco, wood, and yucky vinyl.

7 Jan, 2009


Lovely poem and photos :o)

8 Jan, 2009


Right throught the seasons in one go! Well done - I enjoyed the poem and pictures!

8 Jan, 2009


thanks to you all, lovely to get the feedback

8 Jan, 2009


What a lovely poem, and photo's.

8 Jan, 2009


Great photos and poem.

I warn you it gets worse -
you even start to think in verse!!

8 Jan, 2009


thats the first one i've ever written Gee and do you know i have been thinking a lot today about writing another so you may be right!!! Help!

8 Jan, 2009


Looking forward to your next poem, Sewingkilla :o)

8 Jan, 2009

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