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A few weeks ago I was mentioning to Spritz the ongoing problem of how to keep track of the plants which we acquire from various sources. She suggested a blog so here goes…………..

I have tried a few different ideas ranging from keeping a record of the plants I order and buy from internet sites in a simple spiral notebook

to dividing the garden into areas, drawing maps and keeping the labels for each area together.Thats ok perhaps, when one is starting out with a new garden, but over time the maps become out of date – plants die or are moved elsewhere.

Recently I went through my little collection of labels bought over the last 8 years, and was quite shocked to see how many plants had not survived. :(
Never mind thats how we learn what does well in a garden….

One way of keeping labels together is the good old bag or box! This is a bag hanging in my greenhouse.

You may recognise the cardboard labels from the boxes of a well known internet supplier!

I have decided to try and keep a log of plants purchased or given to me, on my computer in a spreadsheet. Question is, what details do I need to record and what may I have forgotten?
So far I have included:-
Plant types (eg climbers, perennials etc)
Date obtained
Where from
Common name
Proper name
Where planted

Maybe I will also keep a record of this in a file for those days when I need a quick answer.

I would really welcome ideas and comments from other members – what have I forgotten? What does not seem to be a good idea?

Answers on a postcard please!

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Hi Rm, this may sound silly but do you use your data base on GOY? i find it really useful, you can store all sorts of information and set reminders for things you need to do in the garden... like pruning times etc... you can also include pictures of your plants and like some of us do areas in your garden at different times of year so that you know what is planted where, i find it really helps when i am planning the next season, to be able to see where mistakes were made or where things can be improved etc... have a brouse through some that are already on here might give you some more ideas..

8 Dec, 2009


Agree with Angie, the database on GOY is probably the sites best feature, and a very useful tool for keeping records of all your plants

9 Dec, 2009


If you are anything like me, Mum, I wouldn't invest too much energy in it. I have started several 'logs' of different sorts over the years: the first few months are great, everything recorded, but then I start slacking off and very rarely reach the twelve month point! :-(

9 Dec, 2009


I agree, the database here is excellent. I also keep a alphabetical listing in a separate book, of all the plants I buy and from where. These listings also include a "wish list"!!
This book is useful if I want some info quickly and the laptop is not to hand.

9 Dec, 2009


Like Bulbaholic I find good intensions go awry. So now I just keep my plant list on my computer its got the names of the plants in alphabetical order and the year bought (I also print this out when adding to it) and with put the original labels in a nice box and relabel the plant with the infomation thats useful to me. This is a back up to the data base on here as computers can crash or people leave!
I find if I keep the label for identification on the whole it does not matter so much where exactly they are planted its the ones with out labels at all that I find hard to identify sometimes?
I do however, think that someone will invent a virtual reality map which we can personalize and arrange to suit us?

9 Dec, 2009


I agree with the above comments, adding your plants to 'Garden' on your homepage is a great way to log what you have. I also use the WishList option on the homepage (top right) and again at a glance I can see all the information I need about the plants I would like.

9 Dec, 2009


There is a company called "paperchase" which have shops around and last year one of my presents was a gardeners journal - it is brilliant it has pockets, blank pages, squared pages and places for photos so on my square foot beds I did seperate pages on each bed so you can see at a glance what you planted where and so you dont repeat each year - it was only £3.99!! best present ever (well almost...)

9 Dec, 2009


That sounds great Genuisscuffy.

9 Dec, 2009


I have a 5-year 'Gardeners' Log' from the RHS...I started to use it and kept it up for 2 years. Unfortunately, I had a break from doing it but my New Year's Resolution is to start it off again - it was so useful alongside my GOY pages! I do keep plant lables in a box, as well - and the current year's bulb packet pictures, too - as a reminder of what varieties I planted. (Senior moments do kick in!)

9 Dec, 2009


lovely blog rachelsmum/
I have a shoe box of labels commemorating the dead plants:o( another for the living, as well as the goy profile. I also got an extra hard drive that i regularly save photos too as well as my GoY profile.[just incase this laptop should crash.
I bought some A3 graph paper and drew out my revamped shed bed to scale. I then added the plant positions in pencil. so why they die they can be rubbed out and their replacements added. The paper is rolled up in a cardboard tube for safe keeping. hubby thinks i am mad after all they are 'only plants'. 'Only plants' i was heard to mutter as i went off to the greenhouse for a bit of gt. [gt= gardening therapy].

I think I will photocopy it tomorrow and date it. then when the garden changes I can keep a history of the beds.

9 Dec, 2009


I'm afraid I don't go into as much detail as you SBG :(
I have a small plastic carrier bag (with good handles !!) in a drawer with all my plant labels in it. Occasionally OH says "when are you going to chuck out that rubbish ?" Whaaaaaat ? rubbish ?? So much info and memories of plants gone by :( I try to throw old ones away but it would be like losing the departed all over again lol !
I have the same system for recipes pulled out of magazines,now that could really do with a good sort out !!

9 Dec, 2009


I tend to be more thrifty with my old labels. If there is still space on them I clean them up, cut off the written on section and reuse them! Always got plenty :-(

9 Dec, 2009


all my labels in a box with seeds and i now log my plants on GOY, after i was told how to do this without having to double up on picture ,, thanx to dawn ;o) its remembering where in the garden they are though lol

10 Dec, 2009


That's why I only have two photo's on my garden plants ,because they also came up on the photo page where I had already shown them.I didn't see the point and thought people would get tired of seeing the same photo's. I must have done something wrong !

10 Dec, 2009


i cant believe this aster went to put a plant in my garden and add pic, but cant remember how dawn told me to do it without doubling up pic grrr lol, was going to go through it so i could tell you :o(

10 Dec, 2009


Thought there must be a way San,never mind thanks for trying :) It's a while since I put one on but I don't remember any instructions explaining how to just upload it on to garden page.
Have you also noticed when you look at favourite members who have just added a plant it shows all of their plants ? It's easier to look at their photo page which shows the newest photo's first .

10 Dec, 2009


ive sent you pm aster as i remebered lol hope ive explained ok

10 Dec, 2009


Thanks San just seen it :)

10 Dec, 2009


You add a plant to your garden, and then have the option of adding a photo. This appears next to your plant in the 'garden' section of your page, and also on your photos - so we all get to see it!

Not really doubled up if you want a full record of your plants. I find that section really useful!

10 Dec, 2009


what aster means is when she has plant already posted, then adds to garden, then if you add pic then it comes up again in your pictures which means you have a repeat picture which you have already shown, so if you put a plant in your garden then submit, then go to the pic , then re edit and click its in your garden, scroll down to name and submit, the pic goes to your garden without going on your pictures a second time, lol does that make sence barbara heheh

10 Dec, 2009


Think I just did it the wrong way round.I'll just add plant to my garden first as Barbara says then if it is shown on photo's page that's ok :) Or if I see option to add photo I'll do that lol Sorry for confusion :))

10 Dec, 2009


yes if you already have picture up, just add plant to garden then after thats done, leave then find your pic, then edit it again, you will see a bit thats says about being in your garden, click that and names you have in your garden will drop down, click the name that goes with picture, then submit aster ;o) this way will be added to your garden to but wont double up on pictures

10 Dec, 2009


Well, everyone - I am still a bit confused!!

Think I'll just read all these comments again and see if I can work things out.!

Thanks for all your contributions lol :0 )))))))))

10 Dec, 2009


i have lists....books..charts...maps with circles like u RM...and a few that are now drilled into my mind...but i never manage to keep it going...

when i took over the big cactus collection from Mr Ashton last year, they came with an amazing filing system. a box with a-z cards. each plant in alphabetical order..when /where bought...when repotted/fed/watered...when replaced because they died....

.i have only repotted a few and yes i did keep their records up...maybe one day i will have a filing system like this for all my plants....yea

3 Feb, 2010


sometimes the old methods are still of value arent they?

5 Feb, 2010

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