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What is this pest that is in my greenhouse. This is the second year this has occurred. I have shading net over roof windows and door, and grow in pots of fresh compost each year. How can I get rid of it or stop it next year?

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It's a caterpilla. Not sure what type though. Pick them off with your hands or spray with systemic insecticide.

2 Sep, 2012


He's nice!

2 Sep, 2012


I,d put him outside if you,ve a wild area handy we're short of moths and butterflies

2 Sep, 2012


The black bits are the droppings of the caterpillar.

2 Sep, 2012


Try looking at Google images for caterpillars or lers. You might find it in the images there. As said above, it could turn into a beautiful butterfly or moth, so maybe place it somewhere less damaging.

3 Sep, 2012


most caterpillers are layed on the peticuler plant they like so putting them on another plant wouldnt be fare . as said pull them of and squish thwem , enjoy the lovley creature or insectiside as said .

3 Sep, 2012

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