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Has anyone any advice on growing goji berries?


By Pasuki

essex, United Kingdom Gb

I have just been to a local village fete and bought a goji berry plant for 20p (along with lots of other plant bargains!).Has anyone grown one in a large pot, as I hear they can grow to 12 feet in height if planted in the soil, and this would be too big for my garden. Also, how do you know when to harvest the berries and how do you dry them ?(I hear they are best eaten as dried fruit).



I had the same problem as you when I bought mine, so I did a bit of research. Hope you'll find this of interest.
Origin; mountain regions, Himalayas
Plant in well-drained, moderately fertile soil in full sun, for more fruit.
Extremely hardy, can grow to 10-12 feet tall.
Has extensive root system, can be used to stabilise sandy banks.
Tolerant of pruning, it can regrow from old wood, but any trimming is best carried out in spring. Unchecked, they grow into a thick bush up to 3m tall, with vines that reach 4m. If regularly pruned, they will form attractive small bushes that will produce more berries as a result.
After the first year, they are perfectly winter hardy, and after two years will start to flower and fruit. Heavy yields can be expected after 4 years.
In early summer the bushes will produce small, delicate, trumpet-shaped flowers, either white or purple. Both colours can appear on one plant, so they provide visual interest before berry production begins. The berries will begin to set in autumn. However, the plant will continue to bloom until the first frosts.
A single plant will produce more than 2lbs of berries in its second year.
These 'wonder plants' are tough, easy growing and self- fertile, and will thrive in practically any soil type and at any temperature.
Hope this helps. I really enjoyed researching this. I intend to grow mine in a pot, gradually potting up until it's the size I want. I shall give it greenhouse protection for its first winter.

6 Jun, 2009


Many thanks for all of your information. Iwill grow mine in a pot too, so that I can restrict its growth. I'm really looking forward to trying the berries. Good luck with your plant!

7 Jun, 2009

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