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Can you plant tomatoes in the same spot for more than 1 season?


By Susanne

United States Us

Can you plant tomatoe plants in the same location garden or pot for more than 1 season. Someone told me that tomatoes need to be rotated or they would not produce fruit.



Not in the same compost in a pot, that's for sure! If in the soil outside, just dig and refertilise. Otherwise, fine!

2 May, 2008


I wouldn't recommend it - they might be Ok for a couple of years, but I've had problems with 'bottom end rot', which is caused by an innappropriate balance of nutrients in the soil, caused in my case by growing them in the same place for too long, even tho I fed them and improved the ground each year.

2 May, 2008


The general recommendation for all vegetable crops is to rotate them to avoid the build-up of pests by growing them in the same place year after year. I have four small beds which are rotated - peas and beans, brassicas, carrots and leeks, and tomatoes

2 May, 2008


we grow all our toms in pots in the greenhouse, just sterilise pots before required and also use new could also do this outside

2 May, 2008

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