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Green houses/ What kind?


By Susanne

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I want to purchase a small green house to grow mostly veggies. What types do some of you member have and what do you like about them



Expect to fall in love with your greenhouse, and to immediately decide it is too small.... My favorite was raised about 8 inches off the ground, with wood floor. Great for sweeping. I eventually modified it to kitchen standards - deep counter each side, sink, shelves above and below counters, enough lighting to see well after it is totally dark - everyone else watches TV, you get to garden! Be sure you have enough WELL GROUNDED power outlets, (Plan to have a fan in it)

1 May, 2008


Buy the biggest that a) you can fit in. b) that you can afford. Automatic vents are a must as are vents at the other end from the door to get a through-ventilation. And you can get shelves that hang higher up from the sides as well as needing shelving standing on the floor - go for removeable shelving though as you will probably want to grow your veggies in Grow-bags or even in soil inside the greenhouse. If you do that, you will need a slab path up the middle, Build it on slabs anyway - much easier to keep clean!

2 May, 2008


Something that is very sturdy to withstand the wind, and definately the biggest you have room for within your budget. I opted for a hexagonal one as it suited the garden layout, but not sure it is as practical as a straight sided one!

2 May, 2008


My cedar greenhouse is great, but it does have one flaw, which you might like to avoid yourself - It has hexagonal ends, rather like Andreas I expect, and because there isn't a rightangle in the thing, there is an issue over fitting guttering (it would be extremely useful to have a water butt right next to the greenhouse for watering your plants, fed from the gh roof). Not only that, but it has 2 windows, one at each end, and they are hinged right at the top, whcih again means I can't fit guttering. This is a real annoyance and something I didn't consider when I bought it :-(

2 May, 2008


my greenhouse is 8x6(i think), anyway it's metal with sloping sides . what i really like about it, ,,,,,,,,,,,it was already here , albeit 1/2 buried under rubbish. so i took it down and resited it . it's quite big so it may even be 10x8 , but we always manage to fill it with toms for the summer.get the biggest you can fit in the space you have allocated.metal won't rot but can be a bit 'shiny' , i painted mine green which helped it blend in better.i dont have any auto vents , just leave every thing open in summer , toms seem to thrive on this regime.mine sits on what was the end of an old garage, so there is no earth beds, every thing is pot grown. on pea shingle with a paved pathway down the will need to consider shading, i use a green material , that lets in light but keeps out the sun, at the end of the season i wash them in jeyes fluid and store them till next required.good luck with your purchase

2 May, 2008


hi get the best cost moor end of day youl ned it but you could make a cold fram wile you ar saving up your talking overĀ£200 /jim

2 May, 2008


McLaughlin is right - a cold frame or lean-to can be set up immediately, purchase a greenhouse later.Same issues: allow ventilation both ends, counter/shelf area, light and fan. Most important feature is that IT IS YOURS

3 May, 2008

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