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Having problems with the polycarbonate 'glass' in my Palram greenhouse. Strong winds lifted some of the panes even though I had put 200 extra metal clips in to strengthen the useless plastic strips supplied with the frame. Have today bought some plastic netting and tried to cloak the greenhouse to prevent flying panes. Think I might change the roof panels for glass, anyone done this successfully?



I would be surprised if glass would do any better--just more likely to shatter when the wind lifts them out. You'll probably want to look into a better way of fastening them down. I don't know how they are done now, but it sounds like it came as a kit?

13 Nov, 2010


What I have done is use clear silicone sealant on the top and bottom of each pane not where the rubber seals are you could also try drilling small holes through the polycarb and frame and bolt the pains onto the frame use rubber washes to seal the drill holes I agree with tug the glass will shatter when the wind lifts them

13 Nov, 2010


Thanks for your comments...think we will try the silicone sealant and a few carefully placed nuts and bolts. Meant to seal it when we erected the greenhouse but thought we had done a good job with the metal sealing clips.Not so!

13 Nov, 2010


I have the 8X8 snap and grow that went up in May 2013. So far no problems in winds up to 50 mph. It rattles a bit in the wind but that is all. Also came through a bad winter on Long Island with lots of snow and no issues.

26 Mar, 2014

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