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wind resistant climbing rose


By Dicker

Durham, United Kingdom Gb

I have an archway leading into my back garden and I would like to grow a climbing rose up it, the problem is the damn wind which is always there, it killed two clemitis plants so my question is, is there a climbing rose tough enough to put up with the wind, I would like it to be a medium to tall rose with a long flowering season, I'm not too botherd about the colour as long as it is very hardy

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The trouble with roses is that the wind will blow their petals off quick sharp! However, try one of the older varieties like Ballerina or Paul's Scarlet - they have lasted because they are reliable. Look at reputable growers for a list - e.g. David Austin. Another suggestion is to ask at your local Garden Centre, they should be able to recommend some species for your area. Have any of your neighbours got any climbing roses?

1 May, 2008


Thanks for your reply Henry, no, none of my neighbours have a climbing rose, I think your advice to go to my local garden centre is the right one, I live in Durham in the north east so the winds can be very cold in the winter and it's that time of the year that I'm more concerned about wheather the rose could take it, I suppose I could protect it with a special type of netting. Mack.

2 May, 2008


Hi Dicker Spritz quite right few roses enjoy a windy site as most blooms would be stripped.Victorians grew them in walled gardens for heat and shelter does it have to be a rose? Evergreen honeysuckles even clematis (evergreen ) are available that more hardy.

2 May, 2008


Hi Dicker,
I live close to the pennines in South Yorkshire and we get the icy West wind off the tops.
I planted a "Climbing Queen Elizabeth" which is a nice pink, three years ago, its climbing up a dead Mountain ash and is pretty exposed, It seems quite happy in this situation and last year was a mass of blooms. It may be worth giving it a go!

5 Apr, 2009

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