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Sowing Annual Seeds


By Bubble

United Kingdom Gb

Hi its me again!!

I sowed my annual border a couple of weeks ago and lo and behold i can see the seedlings coming through already. I'm so delighted so thanks to everyone who gave me such good advice. BUT We've had a bit of a sunny day today (which is very unusual in North Wales) and i've managed to clear another border that was overgrown with woody lemon balm and perennial phlox. Would it be much too late to sow some more annuals in this border now? I plan to plant perennials next year but would like some cheap none permanent colour this year. Would annuals sown now just come a couple of weeks later than the ones i've already sown or would i be breaking all gardening rules to sow them now.? I'm sure we're a good bit later in the season than people who live down south.



I am going to sow some annuals this weekend, the weather will determine their chances. We are certainly getting April showers interspersed with sunny intervals at the moment which should help to give them a good start.

1 May, 2008


No,it's not too late at all. Some annuals are half-hardy and can be planted in March/April, others can't tolerate any cold weather and need to be planted when the soil has warmed up a bit - like NOW! Go for it! Go and read some seed packets and find something you like.

1 May, 2008


Perennials can be grown from seed - get some lupins at the very least. They are so tough when you grow them yourself!

Have fun!

5 May, 2008

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