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By Vance2

Illinois, United States

I have pulled all the weeds in my garden but they are already growing back. Is there something to put down to stop the weeds from growing? I would prefer not to use chemicals since i have a 3 yr old that loves to help. My husband told me to get roofing paper but i thought that had tar in it and would kill my plants. Is that true?



hi you could try salt or make a little fork to prongs abrick lean the fork on brick to ger all roots out / jim

1 May, 2008


Try smothering them with black plastic sheets for a while. This will weaken them and after digging again to try to clear them out you could lay a membrane with holes for your plants, if that's a feasible option.

1 May, 2008


you could mulch with spent mushroom compost or bark chippings, which should contol the weeds , or just enjoy the excercise!!!

2 May, 2008

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