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By Martini

East Riding, United Kingdom Gb

my climbing rose which is approx 1 year old has a white powdery substance over every leaf and stem. and the leaves are curling up and drying dropping off. is there a remedy for this please.

Asked from the GoYpedia climbing roses page



Sounds like mildew. Often caused by dryness at the roots. Use a systemic fungicide. Collect up and burn the fallen leaves.

2 Jun, 2012


If you've no fungicide handy, dilute 1 part milk to 9 parts water in a sprayer and spray the whole plant, tops and backs of leaves and stems, till run off.

2 Jun, 2012


Full cream milk by the way.

2 Jun, 2012


Thanks both for the advice I will try the milk straight away this evening. Hopefully this will do the trick.

Thanks Wildestarr.

2 Jun, 2012

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