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By Charlus

I have a rhyncosperium jasminodes which i have been growing in a large pot for many years - never looking very happy but struggling through. Last year we moved house taking the pot with us. I positioned it in a south-west facing site to climb over a pergola. I completely repotted it to give it a boost and fed it regularly. It flourished, had it best season yet and flowered profusely.
However, this year, not a peep out of it. All last years leaves completely shrivelled and no sign of new growth.
Have watered, fed, topped up with new compost.
Feeling very sad and can't accept that it may have died on me! Any suggestions as to how i can check for life or give it a boost to get it to spring into action?
Many thanks, Kate



I'm wondering 2 things - what area of the country did you move from and to, and second, was the plant previously against a fence or wall in its pot, and when you moved and trained it up the pergola, was it out in the open, or at least, not against a wall or fence?
Plants are more vulnerable in pots during winter - perhaps the arctic blast which arrived in February was too much of a shock after such a mild winter. Many plants suffered then.
I'm sorry to say that your plant is now an ex rhyncospermum - note that it is now more generally known as Trachelospermum jasminoides.

2 Jun, 2012


Lovely plants. Sad yours seems to have departed.
Our local Morrisons had a bright idea of planting on against a bare brick wall near the front entrance. It faced east.

The thing flourished and raised a smile to all that entered simply by casting its scent. A stroke of genius or happy accident.

I want one.

3 Jun, 2012

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