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My patience is being tested ! !


I just thought I would have one big moan about my silly lap top, which is either going slow, freezing for ages, stopping altogether and doing updates when I’m just in the middle of something ! I have also been plagued by eye migraines which last for quite a few days, so this is just saying that I keep looking in on you all, but can’t always reply !
Happy Gardening !

My new climbing rose Sunrise .

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Oh, I feel for you Rose, as I was having all sorts of problems with my laptop. It's the reason why I treated myself to a tablet. ..and I love it. I hardly ever use my laptop nowadays. I think your new rose is beautiful :))

22 Jul, 2015


Hi Rose, keep calm and soldier on!! Love that rose, its a beauty :O)

22 Jul, 2015


I clear my
history regularly on my tablet, these animated ads cause trouble I think

I was only speaking to the optician yesterday about dazzler migraine, he suggested looking into having a coating on the lenses to protect against....I light, its supposed to help, maybe worth googling

22 Jul, 2015


Sorry to hear about your problems Rose :( I hope you'll be able to get something done about it.
Also for your migraines. I had those years ago - very nasty things :(

Last week I had so much nonsense from my laptop that I gave up.
I was going to take it to Andrew the computer shop over the week end but it suddenly righted itself - very strange.

As you can guess I've got no patience with gadgets
:D lol

22 Jul, 2015


Glad the computer hasn't given up! Your rose is gorgeous. I have this one too, and its a beauty! :) mine is slow to get established. I'm hoping it will eventually climb, but at the moment, all the flowers are on the ground with the weight of the rain.

22 Jul, 2015


Sounds like my desk top PC.....starts updates when you're in the middle of something...very frustrating.
And, I can sympathise with you over migraines.I haven't had one in over two years but I went into a huge Tesco on Friday and as I stood waiting for Julie,I noticed the bright lights affecting my left eye.......within minutes, my eyes were feeling very strange, flashing, and had a headache ever since...nearly a week. Hope your's clears's miserable!!

23 Jul, 2015


Would you believe it computer came on straight away this morning and the migraine has gone ! Yay ! So...
Thank you Waddy, I will have to see how much the tablet is though !
Thanks Barbara ! Its what we do isn't it ! Soldier on !
Thank you Pamg, that has given me something to think about ! On Sunday Rick took me to get some really dark glasses from Boots, but didn't help much !
Thanks Hywel ! If it had been my hubby instead of me, this computer would be in the bin by now ! lol
Thank you Homebird ! I'm also wondering if the weather has something to do with the migraines too !
Thanks Karen! My rose hasn't started to climb either , but have only had it for a few months ! I'm sure it will eventually !
Thanks Paul ! Its strange how a migraine can just come on without warning isn't it ! I've never suffered much with them before , but it always seems to be on a very bright day !

23 Jul, 2015


Just a tip Rose if you're thinking of buying a tablet, do some research on prices first. Once I'd decided which one I wanted (mine is a Samsung 4tab) I typed in 'cheapest Samsung 4tab' into my google search. I ended up getting mine £100+ cheaper than many places, with an extra years guarantee. This of course works for anything else you might be interested in buying :))

23 Jul, 2015


It might be worth installing 'clean master' or something similar, it's free and cleans your junk out regularly so that your computer runs more efficiently. It seems to work ok on mine,it runs fast anyway.

23 Jul, 2015


Ohh talking about dark glasses, on the advice of an optical specialist I bought some sun glasses that are overglasses, they have side pieces, I use them mainly for driving, they stop the glareand as well stop the flickering of the sun through the trees, thats awful on winter days, I found myself holding my hand up to shield my eyes...not nice
Mine were not expensive from amazon .........

23 Jul, 2015


Roses, I am so sorry about the migraines and hope you have found a way to ease them.

That new rose is a little beauty and such a warm colour.

I will be in touch soon.

24 Jul, 2015


A friend of ours found only Feverfew to be effective. where her migraines were concerned. Like all herbal remedies, however, care needs to be taken if other medications are prescribed.

I bought prescription sunglasses on line: cheap and perfect. Have been buying everyday spectacles also for the last eight years. Have eye tests every two years and then buy on line. Apologies to opticians in the UK !

24 Jul, 2015


I hate it when my laptop misbehaves like that, hubby tells me off and says I don't clear the hardrive often enough, pleased your headaches have cleared up as well, be typically english Rose and blame the weather.
I have a lot of problems when out and about as I have difficulty with kerbs and steps, my left eye is flipping useless as the cataract has grown right over now, that means if my right eye starts to water in the wind which it does often then I just cannot see, took a lot of tumbles lately I can tell you, I was thinking of going back to see the eye specialist, see if they can do something about it now but all my other nonsense has put that on hold obviously....

24 Jul, 2015


Lovely rose, so well named too.
You have my sympathies about the migraine, I used to get really nasty ones in my teens, they stopped when I was in mid 20's then started again a few years ago in my 60's.
Migroleve was less than useless finally my doc prescribed sumatripan which is brilliant if you take one at first signs.
Superstore lighting & sun flashing thru trees when driving will bring them on for me.

24 Jul, 2015


Thanks Waddy, but no spare cash at the moment ! Probably spent too much on the garden ! lol
Thanks Davros, but I don't want to lose everything !
Thanks Pamg, I will look into that ! I keep meaning to get something for the winter glare when driving ! I only wear glasses for reading , but the glasses you got should be okay, do you think !
Hello Chris, I will send a letter now I know you are home. xxx
Thank you Eirlys for your suggestions. I appreciate that !
I never thought about cataracts Sue ! I do have one over the centre of one eye, but popped in to my opticians yesterday and I have to wear my television glasses more! I haven't bothered with them much ! So I'll see if that helps!
Thanks Green Finger, is this tablet you suggested by prescription only ? I was actually looking carefully at the little pond and the reflection of the sun seemed to start it off !

25 Jul, 2015


Wow.. that's a beautiful climbing rose !
I've added your blog to GoYpedia :o)

25 Jul, 2015


I just hope it starts to climb soon Terra ! Thank you ! I loved your last blog and have watched the video on face book and it was amazing ! You must have a lot of patience when doing the training and the filming ! Conker is one very clever dog !
It was nice to see you on here again ! I missed you ! xx

25 Jul, 2015


Good luck with Sunrise ... it will probably take off suddenly and shoot skywards !
Thank you Rose for your lovely comments. I absolutely love training my dogs and I'm enjoying the filming and editing as a new hobby. Please tell Maddison and Rick that my dogs are enjoying making their next movie which will include Truffle the terrier as well ... due for release around mid-August ! x x x

26 Jul, 2015


Looking forward to that Terra ! Our Maddison was amazed when she watched it ! xx

27 Jul, 2015


Hello Maddison :o)
Conker and Truffle send woofs and hugs.
x x x

27 Jul, 2015


Yes, Rose, the Sumatripan is from my doctor & I get it now on repeat prescription.
Apparently, it was originally for epilepsy sufferers but they discovered it helped with migraines too. You must take one immediately at the first signs of migraine attack, then the visual distortions gradually fade away within 20 mins for me.
My doctor also told me that a migraine stops all stomach action so pain relief for the headache would be useless, he said soluble aspirin is the best thing for that.
(That was news to me & explains why nothing else was working)

28 Jul, 2015


Thanks for that Green finger, I shall also pass this info on to my friend as she has been a migraine sufferer for a long time now !

28 Jul, 2015


Next time Maddison is here Terra, I will show her the message ! xx

28 Jul, 2015

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