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How the garden has grown!


You go to bed one night and the next morning, everything seems to have grown in the night ! The only thing is that some of the perrenials are late flowering , so decided to show you my roses in the front garden which were all cuttings from Willow Cottage !

This ones for you Chris ( Wild Rose ) which is Cottage Rose.

I’m so pleased with this border this year showing the blue geraniums with the Rhapsody in Blue rose.

This is the only one which isn’t a cutting ! Its Rosa Hot Chocolate and was a birthday present a couple of years ago from my friend Libet who many of you will remember! The same rose in the next picture hasn’t come out so well , but the picture does show the size of it and in 2 years is amazing !

This next one is L.D. Braithwaite and never seems to stop growing !

Gertrude Jekyll is one of my favourites and smells gorgeous !

A close up…

A close up of Just Joey which has the most beautiful perfume!

St Swithun ( my birthday rose ! )

It does start of a deeper pink and then fades slightly to the paler pink !
The next one is The Mary Rose …

Behind it are the lovely perfumed perrenials Sweet Rocket. "Hesperis Matronalis "

This is named after our late lovely Princess Diana, “The Princess of Wales”
I also have Royal William , but unfortunately is not in flower yet ! Its deep red and when touched feels like velvet!

Iceburg in the foreground with Just Joey behind it !

Now this one I think is Escapade which I moved into the back garden last year as it was too close to the others in the front ! Some of them are so similar in habit and having lost all the labels , I’m hoping I’m right as it is in my cutting book!

This is the only unknown one which I discovered when we moved here under a lot of weeds !
I will finish at the front with the white Delphiniums as the Bonica and The Times rose are not in flower yet !

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You have some beautiful roses and not a sign of black spot, I bet its perfume heaven.
The Rapsody in blue with the blue geraniums and white delphiniums are a lovely combination.
You really have got greenfingers and have made a wonderful success with all your rose cuttings.

20 Jun, 2015


I cant believe you grew all those roses from cuttings!! Thats incredible Rose! What an achievement...they are so big, and flowering so well. I'm really amazed. I've never tried to propagate roses, but recently the dog knocked a branch off my 'Perennial Blue', so I made cuttings and put them in a terra pot. They actually look ok so far, so I'm hopeful of them taking.

20 Jun, 2015


Rose, mine must be the Cottage Rose, it is just the same as yours! Thanks for showing me.

Your other roses are beautiful, what a lovely selection. Princess of Wales is such a delicate colour. I too love 'Gertie!' What a scent!!

20 Jun, 2015


Absolutely lovely. Well done on taking cuttings and growing them so well. I snapped a shoot off one of my roses two years ago and tried to get it to grow and it did! The only trouble is I forgot which rose it came off so am patiently waiting for the colour to appear, buds on it so hopefully it will not be too long a wait now. lol.

20 Jun, 2015


They are loving their new home Rose, must be wonderful wandering amongst them, I think the second photo is really lovely....

21 Jun, 2015


What beautiful roses! I am growing roses for the first time and your beautiful blooms have really given me something to try and copy. I also have Gertrude Jekyll I hope she ends up looking as good as yours.

21 Jun, 2015


Thanks Stroller ! I make a point of spraying at monthly intervals for black spot, but occasionally one or two still get it !
Thanks Karen ! I did most of the cuttings in the cold green house at the Cottage house , but you can dig a trench and put plenty of grit in in November and leave the "sticks" until spring and they will be well rooted by then! I use rooting powder too ! I still can't believe how quick they have all come on though ! They must love it here like we do !
Hello Chris , so...we have something else in common then, including our age ! Hahaa!
I think Gertrude Jekyll and Just Joey have the most powerful scent !
Thanks Barbara. I lost some of my labels when we moved here , but managed to work out which was which when they flowered, so I'm sure you will !
Thanks Sue ! All the neighbours comment about the roses when they pass the house ! I'm pleased with the Rhapsody and geraniums this year too ! Last year we weren't here in June and I missed most of the flowering time ! The Delphiniums have been fantastic this year and I actually remembered to stake them this time !
I'm sure it will Waddy ! Have you room for many roses? I can't believe how many I have now ! I just can't resist ! l

22 Jun, 2015


I would have said I hadn't much room at all rose, but when I counted I realised I have 12 although 2 are in very large pots. I started with Ruby Wedding, just because I love it's rich red colour. Just Joey is also I my collection :)

22 Jun, 2015

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