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By Colleen

New York, United States Us

I need help!!! There are numerous stray cats in our area & they are using my garden for a litter box. I have a large dog but as soon as she comes in the cats appear. Does anyone have any advice on how I can keep them out of there.



my neighbour lays one or two wine bottles on the ground near to the plants she doesn't want disturbed - according to her, cats are frightened of the reflection of the moon or street lights on the glass...?

she swears by it - obviously it means your going to have to get through a couple of bottles over the next few days..

20 Apr, 2008


Check out previous blogs as we all seem to have use of cat deterrents at sometimes.
I have two sonic detectors which emit a sound audible only to cats that they dont like. They definitely work, you just have to keep checking them cause if the battery runs out & you dont notice the cats are soon back. I paid about 30 quid each, but worth it.
I also put pepper dust around. I am looking out for "scaredy cat" plant to try as well (you cant have too many defences). There was some on QVC this morning but they sold out while I was thinking about it so cats are obviously a universal problem for gardeners.
I like cats that sit in window sills looking "out" onto the gardens!

20 Apr, 2008


Hello Rita I had trouble with cats for a long time tried every trick in the book that was untill Dioon11 gave me this great tip Get some used tea bags make sure they are wet add some tea tree oil to them then place around the areas the cats are using as a toilet.I have tried this for almost two weeks now and have not had one cat in the garden I know its still early days but it is having some effect Worth a try

21 Apr, 2008


Cats look for nice dry crumbly soil to dig in - the answer is to keep really well stocked up borders - lots of ground cover - so no soil left for them. in my veggy patch I use 'Scoot' - a powder you mix with water and use watering can to apply - very easy and effective.

22 Apr, 2008

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