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Hi everyone
I have a flower bed that slopes gently and that is continually damp at the bottom (no surprise), the type of plants that thrive tend to be iris, hellebores, cornus alba sibirica, acqualegia, although I do grow christmas box, asters, leycestra formasa, salix tree, lilacs and a cistus in the top half. The question is will lavender thrive in the bottom damp part and if so any particular one? I am considering planting a lavender hedge. Look forward to your replies and thank you in advance.



Not really a good idea to use Lavender - it's a mediterranean plant and naturally prefers drier conditions.

25 Feb, 2012


Is it shaded as well as damp?

25 Feb, 2012


Adding to GoYpedia Sloping Gardens :o)

25 Feb, 2012


Thanks to all 3 of you,
To Bryony - no it isn't shaded just damp and
to Terratoonie -how do I access GoYpedia Sloping Gardens please ?

25 Feb, 2012


Hi Gillie...
Welcome to GoY :o)
To access GoYpedia, scroll down the page, and you'll see an alphabet.
Then choose any letter for the heading you wish...e.g.
F for Flower Pot People, S for Sloping Garden Ideas, G for Gnomes, R for Rockery Ideas, A for Aubrieta ... !!!

25 Feb, 2012


What might do well there, if you want a sort of informal hedge, is Lonicera pileata - the cultivar 'Moss Green' has bright green leaves. Small flowers, berries, prefers soil enriched with compost.

25 Feb, 2012

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