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care for arnica

How do i plant & care for my arnica plants that i just received from family in mexico? They are 6" high and have several flowers on them already



Hi Peedooti
There are around 32 different types of Arnica plants. Is the one you have the native Mexican one? Or was it imported from elsewhere? What colour are the flowers?
A little more info please and I think we can help - thanks

16 Apr, 2008


Hi Maple.....thanks for responding. I "assume" they are native plants as they grow all over the mountains there. The flowers are yellow on the petals turning to orange and then red as it goes to the center. They have a very light scent. My family makes salves and lotion out of the leaves and that stuff really works!! Any info will be appreciated--I really want them to do well in my flower beds.

16 Apr, 2008

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