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By Wombat

Worcestershire, United Kingdom Gb

I bought a sage plant, from a garden centre, the leaves didn't smell, I planted it into a tub, leaves still don't smell.

Will they ever, can I still use to cook with?



Wombat, Welcome to GOY,
Does the leaf have a taste if you eat some, which would make it a very mild variety. I would say you can use it but you will get no flavour.

10 Nov, 2010


Hi Wombat was there a label in the pot telling you about your plant so that the variety is known

10 Nov, 2010


Hello Doctorbob1
I haven't tried the leaf in case, it wasn't a sage. I will go and try it.

Hello Pamq
There was a label. But I took the it of before I planted it.
At the garden outlet shopping centre at Evesham, where I bought it. There were none to see.
I asked and he found a few in the back!! I had said it was a herb to use in cooking. So I asumed he knew what he was talking about.

Thank you both for your replies. but it would appear I have a useless Sage, any suggestions please.
As a good one to buy.
Kind regards

10 Nov, 2010


I just put herb sage into google and got some good info on 'salvia officinalis' which is what the herb is. But there are some flowering plants that are also salvia and are not grown to eat but for the flower, have a look on google see if it helps..... maybe you can find the label too.....

10 Nov, 2010


Wombat could you put a photo of it on here, then maybe folks can identify it for you!!

14 Nov, 2010

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