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ideas for growing herbs inside in winter

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pots on the kitchen window sill is the most common way to keep herbs going, though it wont work for something like rosemary.

10 Jun, 2010


Ideas for indoor herbs.
Any of the following will be ok , as herbs are my speciallity.
Parsley(curley or flat leaved), Coriander, Chives(are quite hardy so you can have them indoor or out) , Any variety Basil , Thyme(very hardy), Mint (lots of different varieties)

You can have these in pots indoors on the Kitchen Window sill,Thyme i find is ok outside all year round. Chives are ok outside , but i find mine tend to die down in the winter months but reappear in the spring.But it will be ok on a window sill.
Luckily enough supermarkets sell them in pots , i dont know whether they do where you live.
One good thing with Thyme and Mint you can make Tea to drink out of them.
I hope this helps guest

10 Jun, 2010

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