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Climbers - Fastest growing?

Notts:, United Kingdom Gb

What is the fastest growing flowering climber and how lonmg does it take to grow?



Russian vine (mile a minute) is very quick at growing although not one I would ever want in my garden again it's a little messy to say the least.

Clematis montana is one climber I would go for... it flowers around May and you will get masses of stunning little flowers followed by masses of growth spourts, again it will quickly out grow it's space but well worth it for it's stunning

14 Apr, 2008


Quite a question as you dont say what you want from climber and helofadigger right apart from speed see little to recommend Russian Vine messy flowers insignificant with no fragrance.Often planted to cover an eyesore ie old sheds etc till it becomes one itself.
all these fast climbers will need support such as wires and tying in then theres the autmumn leaf sweeping and bare stems in winter. Sure you want fast and not low maintenance evergeen this will be slower however.

14 Apr, 2008


I established a Montana in a previous garden which I was well impressed with- especially as it reached the bedroom window upstairs (outside,of course!). Presently I am hoping this one will cover an ugly mesh fence.....

14 Apr, 2008


Many thanks to all who have answered. I'm wanting to cover an
unsightly fence fairly quickly - have honeysuckle but am very grateful for your comments.


15 Apr, 2008

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