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Bottomless Container

Lanarkshire,Scotland, United Kingdom Gb

I have a rather attractive wooden container I plan to use although bottomless. Any reasons why this would be inadvisable?



Several reasons - if placed on soil roots will push through base and plants grow bigger than container.If placed on hard surface then would be ok till you wanted to move it then as you pick it up oops.Try to find a cheap container that sits just inside your attractive wooden one.

14 Apr, 2008


I agree with Bonkers put another container inside of your bottomless one it will save you no end of headaches later on if you decide to move it around

15 Apr, 2008


I don't agree, I have planted a Clematis in a bottomless container deliberately because it was impossible to dig deeper than about 9 inches into my soil, I think there is a buried road!!!! The Clematis which needs to be planted deeply is very happy to make its on way around now, look at my pictures you will see the result.

15 Apr, 2008


I fear a wooden container filled directly with compost and sitting on bare soil would rot within a couple of years. If I were you, I'd buy a cheap plastic pot (Poundstretcher good for these!) and put that inside and place the whole lot on a hard surface.

15 Apr, 2008


Sid - the wooden container was already left in the garden when we moved in & looks like it's made of treated decking.....

17 Apr, 2008

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