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I am growing a lot of veg this year eg leeks tomatoes potatoes etc and hoping to sell for a profit anyone have a clue on how much I should sell for



First you've got to figure out how much the whole process has cost you then you've got to see what kind of crop you get.

It's impossible to figure out without these variables. For instance, if you only end up with one Tomato you might have to sell it for £20.

12 Mar, 2009


Hello Tigerjoe, I have been looking back to see what I have missed over the past week or so and read your question of selling your veg. As Rydeboyz said if you count your time and your success rate it might be too expensive for folk to buy. My advice to you is gentle care and nurturing of your plants and when you have a crop you want to sell, go to the Super Market and see what they are charging!! and home grown are worth a few pence more. You won't make a fortune but, at least it will go a long way to paying for your seed etc. If you are growing carrots and Broad Beans, try sowing a few Marigold flowers along side them, it makes the veg patch look pretty and helps to keep the carrot flyand Black fly off them. Good luck with your new venture.

17 Mar, 2009

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