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Is the Cedar of Lebanon, the same as atlantica Glauca?


By Bartley

United Kingdom


I am not sure if you are able to help or if you can help in time, but I have a question and thought of you.

I am getting married on Sunday, to my lovely fiancée Amy. We are marrying at Clearwell Castle in the Peak district. To mark the occasion we decided it would be a great idea to plant a tree - watch it grow as we do… you get the picture.

Our favourite tree is the Cedar of Lebanon, so we have ordered it, it has been delivered and we are all bringing our wellies and tools to plant it in the gardens of the castle straight after the ceremony on Sunday.

It was noticed on delivery that the label said the tree was an atlantica Glauca. To cut a long story short we have been going back and forth with the tree shop saying this is a generic name and I have got the right tree, but my research (and the castle gardener) suggesting otherwise.

It is really important to us that we get this right - are you able to help?

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Andrew and Amy



Cedrus libani = Tree of Lebanon

Cedrus libani ssp. atlantica 'Glauca' = Blue Atlas Cedar

They are different trees. The one you have bought is of the same family, but has blue needles.

11 Mar, 2009


There is only a difficult botanical difference in the two species, but c.libani originates in Lebanon and atlantica in the Atlas Mountains. I have grown both and apart from the colour have had great difficulty determing which is which. something to do with the ends of the needles I think.

11 Mar, 2009


Glauca is a sub species so it is the same species. its a bit like saying fox terrier and airedale terrier. they are both dogs but different breeds or sub species.

12 Mar, 2009


Some pictures -

Cedrus libani:

Cedrus libani ssp. atlantica 'Glauca':

12 Mar, 2009


I'd like to wish you every happiness on your marriage, and do hope you can sort out the tree you want in time.

You'll have to live for around 250 years to see it in its prime, though! LOL.

12 Mar, 2009


The way to identify the different cedars is to look at the end of the branches of a mature tree.
Atlas cedar - ascending
Deodar cedar - descending
Lebanon cedar - level

12 Mar, 2009

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