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What type of greenhouse to buy. Double glazed dwarf wall conservatory or robinsons aluminium house 10 x 16

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i am an ameter gardener and wanting to buy a new greenhouse. My thoughts are either a double glazed consevatory or a robinsons aluninium 10 x 16. It would get sun from early morning until 7pm in summer. would a conservatory be too hot for this purpose.



I think it would be too hot to have all day sun ~south facing?in a conservatory unless you had all round blinds and ventilation~I would opt for the biggest greenhouse I could find room for, and use bubble wrap for insulation.
I have had my 6 x8 for years and would love tp have a bigger one!
Of course you could always have the best of both worlds and have a medium sized 10 by 8 and a smallish conservatory? perhaps not all at once!

8 Mar, 2009


Hi, Arlene is right, it would be far too hot if you bought a conservatory, i`d opt for an 8x6 not too big nor small, i recently bought one from the local paper, it cost me £70.00 for everything and its like new !!! shop around before you spend more than you need 2, and if you decide to go second hand, do what i did, strip out the glass and take the frame away in one piece, everyone knows someone who has access to a flat bed truck / van etc, its so worth it, no need to strip and rebuild, i had mine up and running in 3 days including the transfer, if you need more advice, don`t hesitate to contact me...


9 Mar, 2009


~as Paul says there are always the opportunity to buy good greenhouses either in the local paper or ebay some even 'Free to good home' collection only ~so if you are prepared to do a bit of work you can get a good one~don't rush in and buy the first one you see and if you can go to have a look first so much the better!

9 Mar, 2009


I did look around for a secondhand greenhouse, but they seemed all to be 100+ miles away, so as I did not want to wait any longer I purchased a new one. It sounds like yours is going to be situated near the house, so looks will count. The cedar ones keep their appearance much longer than the aluminium ones. My neighbour has one which must be 18 years old and is still good. The octagonal ones look very good, but are expensive. Because of cost I have settled for an aluminium one, with toughened full length glass and bar capping which avoids having to insert clips to hold the frames in and make a more solid job. I am really pleased with it and it is full with plants ready for the garden. I could already do with a larger one, but space did not allow this. Good luck, there are many on the market and it takes some sorting out.

9 Mar, 2009


~one of the other considerations may be that you might need a cold frame to harden things off that were grown in the greenhouse and make sure you have power for lights, heater, heated propagator etc as more expensive to put in later.
Do check the head height as if you are tall you may want an extra high one~and you would be surprised how tall some plants you might want to grow can get to!
I have a self opening ventilator in the roof which opens as the temperature rises inside and louvres in the sides~ an 8 by 6 can get to 40 odd degrees in summer which can fry your plants when you are not there.
If you can get guttering to go round the eaves you can have a water butt right next door so that you don't have to lug water very far.
No doubt you know all this but might be helpful~we have all learned from experience!

9 Mar, 2009

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