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im after a shamrock but i have no idea the name of this plant. I know i had one many moons ago and it died when i went on holiday! It looks like a shamrock and it had purpley coloured leaves underneath. At night it would close up revealing its purple leaves. I have no idea what the name of it is and desperate to get one! can anyone help? i think it may have pink or white flowers.

On plant shamrock oxalis ?




After a bit of googling I found this to be a close match (for the picture):

Oxalis vulcanicola 'Zinfandel'

But the picture clearly has yellow flowers..

8 Mar, 2009


I have this little yellow plant and i find it a bit of a weed. there are many plants it could be even our native wood sorrel that has white flowers. but certaianly Rydeboyz is correct with Oxalis as the suitable group of plants.

8 Mar, 2009


I think this is Oxalis corniculata (Yellow Sorrel). I have two types of this one prostrate with purplish leaves and another more upright with similar flowers. I know it as a weed but never get rid of all of it as I so admire it . Shooting its seeds in all directions. Frost sometimes kills it, but it is always lurking somewhere safe to start again.

8 Mar, 2009


I know "weed" is just the name for a plant in the wrong place, but if I ever find this invasive plant in my pots or garden I get rid of it quick before it chokes other plants with its underground trailers! It's almost as bad as Hairy Bittercress!

9 Mar, 2009


Do you think you mean Oxalis triangularis - usually grown as a house plant? That has very pale pink almost white flowers. Very pretty, and leaves a lot bigger than the ones in the photo.

The one in the photo is an absolute THUG! I have it in my gravel garden and I am aways trying to get rid of it! I agree, Nariz,

9 Mar, 2009

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