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Tree related fungus


By Burysue

Following the removal of a diseased ash tree several years ago , there is now fungus growing covering a two foot radius around the area where the root was. What remedial action can be taken please?



do you know what the fungus is? is it toadstools/sheets of thread like white growth/black bootlace type growth? its natures way of removing dead matter so it might not be a problem for healthy plants but that depends on the fungus.

as a first step dig out as much contaminated soil as you can and throw out, do not compost it as you will spread the fungus.

or water the soil thoroughly with something like amylotox[not sure of spelling] or jeyes fluid used for cleaning decking. but not sure how long it will be before you can replant.

or plant fungus resistant species. [ if its honey fungus this is really your only option.] as it is impossible to remove it. thats what the rhs told me anyway.

27 Feb, 2009


Ooops, I've an old conifer root, which I pulled some fungus off some weeks ago and have replanted with some new hedging whips! Eeeek! I'll have to wait and see if the whips take or if they'll die! If they do die, at least I'll know why!! Thanks Seaburngirl!

27 Feb, 2009


Seaburngirl has given some good advice. But you should really try and identify what sort of fungus you've got before you take any action. Could you post a picture on here? It's only really a problem if it's honey fungus, which does affect living trees (although having said that, I've got honey fungus in my garden and it's never been a problem), but as Sbg said, 'its natures way of removing dead matter'. As a bit of a fungus fanatic I'm biased of course, but some species are becoming rare, many people destroy fungus as a knee-jerk reaction, believing them all to be 'bad', but in fact most are perfectly harmless in the garden and (I think) are rather beautiful.

27 Feb, 2009


you are lucky then sid as my honey fungus has seen off a few shrubs and saw off a couple of old silver birches.
i also love fungus so when i first saw the toadstools i didnt twig it was honey fungus and just enjoyed watching them develop.

27 Feb, 2009


Yes it's strange - it's defo honey fungus I've got and it's everywhere, but none of my trees or shrubs have ever appeared to suffer. Are you absolutely sure it was the fungus that killed your trees? Birch is not a very long-lived tree and if they were old, they might have been on the way out anyway...although the fungus could have been the 'final nail' of course!

27 Feb, 2009


Hi Sid, Would you be able to identify the fungus in my attached picture for me? (if I can find a way of uploading it)I have had a couple of people's view, but they differed and I am hoping that it is not the dreaded honey fungus. Thanks
The photo appears on my homepage in photos, it is the only one there at present.

28 Feb, 2009


oh yes sid the ribes and one susceptible laurel were seen off before their time [the RHS said it would happen] and the birch were 45 yrs old so it was their final death throws helped on by HF.Pity it doesnt do in ivy! other plants are not affected though a 12yr old forsythia and an old lilac also failed, again predicted. They had a extra fantastic display of flowers the previous year before their demise. again typical of hf infection. The reality is it is nature and sad though it is to see plants die it is the nature of the game. on the bright side i now have a tree pansy to go in,a little more light/ more sunshine and a new area to weed and plant up after planning. I have some martagon lilies to plant and i cant wait.

28 Feb, 2009


LOL - yes Ivy does well in my garden too! ha ha.. As you say, the death of one tree/shrub does at least give you more space to plant something else!

Lovemyveg - I've left a comment on your photo :-)

1 Mar, 2009


I have just been diagnosed with Aspergillosis due to the spores of Aspergillus Fumigatus. Everybody has them but unfortunately for some, it is quite serious as they grow in your airways in your lungs.

So you wise ones out there, I have discovered some type of mushroom growing near an old tree trunk and just wonderd if it was a Honey Fungus? I really am worried that these mushrooms will make my condition worse!

Have not had any luck posting pics on this post but have under my profile, where you will find 3 photos.

Any advice would be great, particularly to killing it off permamently.



3 Jun, 2009

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