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how to split a peace lily


By Jacboot

United Kingdom Gb

I need to split my lily but don,t know how.Please help



Me too, mines huge now and hasn't flowered for a couple of years. I'll watch this question to see if anyone can help us.

27 Feb, 2009


I assume you are talking about a Spathiphyllum wallisii which is an indoor plant? Or are you talking about an Arum Lily which is actually a Zantedeschia and can be grown outside. Some people get them mixed up.

28 Feb, 2009


I found this site on the internet, check it out it tells you pretty much all you need to know about Spathiphyllum wallisii - Peace Lily

28 Feb, 2009


I didn't wait to check outthe answer to your question and mine, I went ahead this yesterday and took the plunge to 'have a go'. I have had my peace lily indoors for about 4 years. It was huge! Unfortunately it hasn't flowered for 2 years so thought if I was to repot it in some fresh compost and give it a little houseplant feed, I could encourage flowers once more.
I had it in a teracotta pot in the conservatory, as I tipped it out the pot, I noticed the roots were in good condition and not pot bound but the compost looked 'lifeless'. The plant came away very easily without too much root teasing. After I had divided it up, I potted it back into three pots, making 3 lovely looking plants. There is some new growth, a few new shiny leaves waiting to uncurl.
I'm sure I haven't harmed the plant by doing this, I have repositioned the plants back in the conservatory.
I always like to get free plants and here I have 2 free plants fom my original one - bargain! So don't be afraid to have a go.

2 Mar, 2009


I am pretty sure you have done the right thing

2 Mar, 2009

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