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Is it possible to grow carnation seeds in doors February then plant out end of March (I live in a mild climate) and expect flowers in June or must I wait until the following year for blooms?
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yes you can start them off indoors now and plant out later. which carnation is it. you may get flowers this year but the one time i grew them i got flowers the following year. some of the smaller dianthus are annuals and will flower this year.
if they are the florists carnations single blooms or sprays then a quick way is to grow the 'spurs' you often get on the stems of a bunch of flowers.

27 Feb, 2009


Thank you for such a quick reply.
I have 3 varieties unfortunately they do not have the Latin names and only French as I live in SW France.
Oeillet Geant Chabaud variety
Oeillet de Chine double variety
Oeillet des Fleuristes
I really want them for end of June because my niece is getting married here and want to grow cutting flowers for the occasion. I would be grateful for other ideas on which flowers to grow from seeds for the wedding. The main colours are to be pink and cream.
Thank you
Camp del Mas

27 Feb, 2009


Chabaud might if you are lucky.
what about
1.larkspur [Consolida ajacis] an anual delphinium. i have grow some very pretty pale and mid pink ones, there is an off white/cream one too.
2. stocks [Matthiola] ten weeks from sowing to flower and scented.
3. sweetpeas [Lathyrus odoratus]
4. cosmos [Cosmos bipinnatus sea shells] pinks & whites late spring flowers.

hope this gives you a start.

27 Feb, 2009


I will give Chabaud a try along with your other suggestions if they will flower at the end of June.
Thank you for being so helpful.

27 Feb, 2009

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