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Leylandy conifers

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Hi is it ok to trim back leylandy conifers now??in cambridgeshire.




Hi, you can generally trim Leylandii anytime of year, tho spring may be the best time before all the new growth starts to appear making your work that little but harder, and because im not a fan of Leylandii i could recommend trimming them at ground level with a chain-saw....:-)


24 Feb, 2009


The best time to trim leylandii is just before new growth starts in late spring, early summer, and again in August, that way it never has that - just been cut look for too long.
As I've said before, nothing wrong with these trees, it's the people who plant them and refuse to maintain them that's the problem - think perhaps I might start a campaign,

24 Feb, 2009


you beat me to it peedee lol but i believe a weed is a plant in the wrong place ive sean them in public gardens and they look lovley

24 Feb, 2009


The advice I have been given is to trim in July as soon as growth stops. This means that you get the benefit of a trimmed hedge for longer! Otherwise I am sure that they can be trimmed anytime.
In my case it is my neighbours hedge and is part of my southern boundary and I hate it. I trim it right back to the trunk on my side every year. It has been suggested to me that a more permanent solution would be to inject the stems with Round-up. This causes the trees to die with the symptoms of honey fungus. Generally we get on very well with the neighbours and I am not (quite) as nasty as that.

24 Feb, 2009



24 Feb, 2009


hi many thanks to all threads i do agree with you guys conifirs can be a ploblem if left to grow i am lucky my neighbour cuts the tops

24 Feb, 2009


should be good then

25 Feb, 2009

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