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Should I can back or prune if so when


By Petwyn

Essex, United Kingdom Gb

Armandii clemantis



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24 Feb, 2009


Hi Petwyn.

Compiled by the RHS Horticultural Advisory Service
and reprinted by the Daily Telegraph.

Pruning Clematis armandii

• Clematis armandii is prized for its fragrant flowers in April and its glossy leaves, but it is a rampant grower once established. The best way to keep it under control is to carry out some judicious pruning once the new growth has begun to appear.

• To prevent C. armandii growing into a bird's nest, cut out some of the older stems. Starting at the tips, trace individual stems back to a vigorous new shoot and cut it off just in front.

• You may need to cut off older leaves to free the stems. Unfortunately, each leaf can clasp around the nearest support, so this requires a little patience.

• Once the older stems have been removed, tie in the new growth. This should fill the support to ensure even flowering next season. Persuade stems to fit by bending them into the support rather than snipping off the ends.

• If there is too much new growth, thin out by removing one stem in three.

• Don't be tempted to hack into thick, woody stems. Rather than producing new shoots, these often just die back.

• Where plants have been frosted during the winter, cut away any dead branches and unsightly brown leaves. The new growth this summer will improve their appearance.

I found this because I am tackling my 3rd year Armandii this year.


24 Feb, 2009

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