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When to plant Nigella?

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I am new to hands on gardening and can't wait to sow my Nigella blue seeds. Could anyone advise me on which is the best method for sowing i.e. indoors in trays or directly in the ground. Also when can I expect first blooms? We live in SW France where February and March is very much Spring time however we can still get the odd frost. Thank you.

On plant Nigella damascena



They seem to do fine just scattered on the ground, I don't think they need the indoor treatment. My seedlings from autumn have shrugged off a few days of heavy snow.

24 Feb, 2009


Hello Campdelmas
You can sow nigella in the autumn or early spring (Now) where you want it to flower, it's best in full sun or light shade. Nigella does not transplant very well. You can expect to see flowers from June to late August. They self seed very well!!! Happy Planting SueB

24 Feb, 2009


Dam, i have just started some off in the greenhouse, and they are poking thru the compost, i didnt know they don`t transplant well, i have another 6 packs of them, should i just toss them onto the ground then ??

Sorry for a question within a question`


24 Feb, 2009


scatter the seed in the area you want them to grow peedee65. as for the ones in the greenhouse i have also done this. when you have 4 true leaves repot with minimum root disturbance. the roots are yellow by the way. if you are lucky campdelmas you may get flowers in may. leave the seed heads on and they are also pretty.

24 Feb, 2009


I started my first lot off indoors, some survived, but most died ,as they do not transplant well (wish I had known that before). I have planted seeds both outdoors and indoors, and hopefully the indoor ones can be transplanted with minimal root disturbance. If the indoor ones fail at least I planted some outside where I intend for them to grow.

10 Jun, 2010

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