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growing rhubarb


By 22jimbo

HAMPSHIRE, United Kingdom Gb

two years ago I grew rhubarb from seed, last year it was to
small to eat but I have been told I should cover it in straw
to force it. Could anyone tell me what this means and
would shredded paper be just as good if it is covered to
keep dry. 22JIMBO



Your Rhubarb is still too young to force. Wait until the summer, the crown will be stronger.
To force rhubarb is to put a cover over it i.e. bucket with no bottom in inverted over the top of your crowns with straw inside which excludes light and results in a slightly higher temperature, which gives you earlier growth. Shredded paper is not a good substitute as it will take up too much moisture and go mouldy, causing mildew on your rhubarb.

11 Feb, 2009


I agree it is too young yet. I waited til mine was 4 years old. I use a complete bucket filled with straw from January onwards. I only harvest about 6 stalks before letting it grow properly. Forcing 'saps its strength'.

12 Feb, 2009

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