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What is the best ground cover long flowering long lasting perenial


By Chappy

United Kingdom Gb

I wish to make a bold design (cresent shape) within a lawn area of something colourful, lasting, low maintenance and low growing.Scented would be good too.

Many thanks




Try Thyme. Loads to choose from very scented and you can cut it and walk on it.

11 Feb, 2009


There's a variegated one, too, or a gold-leaved one. Bees love them!

12 Feb, 2009


Thyme is a very good one but another idea would be Ajuga, not so sure if it is scented, but very attractive and evergreen too. i have a variety that flowers twice a year.

13 Feb, 2009


Or Heathers? There are species for both acid and alkaline soils. Some are fragrant.

13 Feb, 2009


good thinking Spritz. another couple to add would be Rock Cress (Arabis), or Houseleek (Sempervivum), or Sedum - loads to choose from there..

13 Feb, 2009

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