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By Currant

Dorset, United Kingdom Gb

yesterday I put powdery mildew affect rose clipping (shredded!) into my compost bin in error. what can i do about it, could i use jeyes fluid to kill the spores. I wanted to use the compost next year on my flower beds which have roses in them - can anyone offer any advice?



I would not be overly concearnd, could you take out most of the recent compost and put it in your recycling bin, and then next year spray the roses with a fungicide and if a long dry spell comes along then keep the roses well watered, some years powdery mildwe can be worse than others.

13 Aug, 2011


I really wouldn't worry about it too much - don't do it again, but I don't believe there will be much harmful effect from that one branch on your compost. Mildew is about most of the time anyway, and affects plants year on year if they are particularly susceptible, and different organisms cause it on different plants. I certainly wouldn't recommend sterilising with a solution like Jeyes Fluid - you'll kill off all the useful bacteria and organisms you need to make the heap work properly as well.

13 Aug, 2011


Thank you Julien and Bamboo, i will do as you both suggest and keep my fingers crossed. I feel a lot better about it now. I have been waiting for this compost now for nearly a year to use it - thanks

13 Aug, 2011

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