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My container grown first early potatoes, Duke of York, have tended to lob when boiled or steamed. Any ideas as to the cause ?



'Lob' sorry never heard of the word? do you mean they break down or go mushy when cooked? Lack of water or irregular watering can cause this and, usually, if you steam rather than boil they are okay. If even steaming is a problem you will simply have to think of different ways to use.

13 Aug, 2011


You just need to keep a close eye on them,when steaming them,as the skins are very thin and haven't toughened up,so they seem to cook more quickly than normal....if you boil them,do the same ,but not a fast and furious heat.A gentle simmer is needed..and I find a shorter cooking time is better...Drain them as soon as they are ready,as they will continue works for me..good luck..

13 Aug, 2011

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