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how do you take cuttings from a fushia so i can grow it again next year



Hello, fushia cuttings are very easy to take, you can take them at most times of the year, with mid spring being the best time, but through the summer is ideal too, take your cutting aprox3/4inch long, make sure it has a growing tip, then cut below a node and take the leaves off leaveing 2/3 leaves inc growing tip at the top of the cutting, plant in small pot of potting compost and place in greenhouse, or place small poly bag over the potted cutting and just keep the soil damp, they are very easy i have in the past took cuttings of fushia and positioned them in slght shade in the garden and they do work, however a better success rate will be had by following the above, you may like to use a rooting hormone powder, but i find there seems to be little difference in useing this, i find the fushia mrs popple is very good for propagating.

13 Aug, 2011


They will also root just in a pot of water but don't leave them there too long after the roots form.

13 Aug, 2011


iwould like to say thank you to Julien and Steragram for your advice i will give it a try see what happens

14 Aug, 2011

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