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By Bev32

Gloucestershire, United Kingdom Gb

Hello, my first time posting on here so be kind! I found this site by chance when I was trying to find front garden ideas. Really hoping that your site can help me as i am clueless with gardening. My back garden i cheated and gravelled it mainly because it was only 17ft long. My front garden i can not do this as it is so big! The help i need is someone to give me ideas of plants that would look nice all year round? If i post a picture on here, would someone give me ideas on where to start, suggestions etc?
Many thanks in advance

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Hi Bev and welcome to GOY lots of members would be delighted to see your front garden and offer suggestions.
Also if you go to the bottom of the page a select the letter F it will take you to lots of photos of Front garden ideas other Goypeadia pages you might find useful are 'Makeover ideas', 'Low maintenance gardens', 'Small garden ideas' and many more.

11 Aug, 2011


I assume the pics are your back garden, before and after pics. A very neat job.

In the front garden you'll need a mix of evergreens to give shelter, background & interest all year round and deciduous to make variety and change during the year.

How big is your front garden? Is the soil acid or neutral or alkaline?

I like Viburnum tinus as it is an evergreen shrub with clusters of white flowers throughout the winter. I also love hardy Fuchsias, but these can die right back to ground level in a hard winter. Variegated Euonymus have white or gold marbled evergreen leaves and are good value too. Add some hardy geraniums, plus any other tough perennials you fancy and a sprinkling of annuals such as cornflower, calendula & cosmos and you could fill a normal sized front garden.

11 Aug, 2011


Hi thank you for your replies. I will get a picture on here so you get an idea of size etc. I did find some pictures that i liked on here, but plant wise i am clueless! I have no problem with putting the hard work in, so suggestions of plant names is brilliant. Gives me something to go on when i hit the garden centre! My son loves gardening, so i would ideally like to give him a raised bed to plant his things in.

11 Aug, 2011


The picture i liked was paulinemoores front garden.

11 Aug, 2011


I have recently come across some very good gardening programs with Alan Titchmarsh on you tube. They are called How to be a gardener. Look for the ones put on by quintadoverde. They are brilliant and what he does in small gardens are very inspiring . Good luck.

11 Aug, 2011


Hi Bev, Pauline's garden would not be difficult or expensive to recreate in your garden, bearing in mind planting in a lawn like that is quite high maintenance with all those edges to do around each shrub. Whereas if you have bigger beds with shrubs in them, you can reduce all those fiddly edges.
When you put on your photo dont forget to also put the typre of look you want to end up with.

11 Aug, 2011


I love what you've done with your back garden, Bev. It gives you a lovely, private relaxing area. All you need now is the weather to relax in!! Looking forward to the front garden picture, though. There are some great ideas on this sight for large and small gardens. You'll find it a great sight to belong to, and everybody is so helpful and full of advice. Annie (Cumbria)
ps Why don't you grow a clematis or two on the fences round the back garden to take the bareness off, and make it feel cosier?

11 Aug, 2011


i think everyone has said what needs saying but hello and welcome we dont bight to hard on here lol. thaught about a water feacture bye the way perhaps ?

12 Aug, 2011


Hi Bev & welcome. Your back garden looks great. Have you thought about a raised bed ? You can buy them or make them and it would enable you to add a flower bed without disturbing your garden.

12 Aug, 2011


Your back garden makes really good use of a difficult shape. Looking forward to seeing your photo of the front. In a reasolably big area many people don't try to have one plant looking good all year, but chooses a selection to "take turns". I think of it as one bit of garden "lighting up" as another goes plainer again. Some evergreen shrubs, possibly some with berries or variegated leaves for colour (nd the birds), a spring flowering one, a summer flowering one, one with bright berries or leaves for autumn and something interesting for winter. There will be heaps of suggestions for you s soon as we can see the space. Then you brighten it all up with bulbs and perennials and fill any gaps with annuals every year if you want

12 Aug, 2011


Hi thank you for all your replies!! Quite looking forward to doing the front garden now i have some help and suggestions, was dreading it a little!!! XXX

16 Aug, 2011


Ask away i think im quit a good garden desighned but i do like ponds lol so i am biast .my garden i used to dread but the momeppsit .nt you do something your hopked . i wish i had loads more garden . i used to think the opposit lol .

18 Aug, 2011

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