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I have a large area of Vinca Major that has been growing with no problems for over 15 years. This year large areas are turning brown and the browning appears to be spreading. I assumed stem blight but the problem started during this summer, over 90 degrees and very dry. If it is stem blight, is there some sort of spray I can use? Comments/Suggestions



I've no idea what stem blight is, never heard of it, but it occurs to me that, as this plant likes damp soil, it may be simply suffering from drought - is that possible? Have you had a drier year than usual?

11 Aug, 2011


That's what I thought, Bamboo, especially if the problem started during the hot, dry summer. I'd get in there with the hose and give it a real drowning as often as you can, Ann, and cut out all the dead stuff. It's a hardy plant, so it'll soon start to shoot again. Annie (Cumbria)

11 Aug, 2011

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