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Have lots of roses in my new established garden that are in desperate need of pruning after years of neglect! Is there an easy way of establishing what type each one is ie: climber, rambler or bush. If not does anybody have any suggestions as to how I should treat them?



as a rule you usually prune ht and floribunda roses late winter early spring ramblers are different but i you dont know prune as ht cut out all dead wood and you have to be harsh prune good growing wood to 6 to 8 inches from the soil hope this helps and enjoy your roses next year and dont forget to prune every year this encourages strong growth and you will have good roses for years

11 Aug, 2011


Climbers usually have long stems and are repeat flowering. Shrub roses may form a large 'stand' or bush up to 8 feet high and wide. Ramblers usually form a sort of thicket of thorny stems, and have one main flush of flowers a year, usually in June.
Hybrid tea (HT) and floribunda roses just make bushes and are usually repeat flowering.
HTs, floribundas, climbers should be pruned properly last week of February or first week of March (even if its freezing and snowy), though climbers can have their long growths topped in autumn if you're not tying them in.

Ramblers should be pruned in September, when you remove any dead, diseased or damaged wood, and taking out at the bottom of the bush any flowered stems - if there are enough new ones to train in. If there aren't enough new stems, then trim the flowered stems by half.
If you've not pruned for a while, its possible some of the plants may have lots of sucker growth, so check for that as well with each plant - should be removed right at the base at or slightly below ground level.

11 Aug, 2011


Thank you for your helpful advice - I will now try to label the roses accordingly and start pruning when the time is right!

11 Aug, 2011

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