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I have a Bramley apple tree which is about ten years old and has always produced a very good crop of large apples each year. This year however the apples all seem to have a lot of black spots on them and a considerable number have gone rotten on the tree while others have fallen off before they've grown very big.
Can you suggest what this problem might be and recommend a possible a solution please?



Hi the apples rotting on the tree sound like brown rot also the twigs near the rotten fruit die so remove the diseased or damaged fruit on ground and take all rotten fruit off the tree and burn, careful hygiene is more effected than any chemical
as for the spots on the fruit are the spots all so in side the fruit if so thenit it could be calcium deficiency
you need to test the PH this will tell you if you need to add lime or you can spray the fruit not the overal plant at 2 weekly intervals with calcium nitrate or calcium chloride at 2g per liter

hope this helps but with out seeing the tree it can only be a suggestion

15 Aug, 2011

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