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By Massa

Ayrshire, United Kingdom Gb

Having spent 2 days in the scorching weather digging out our new bed, we are now thinking about planting and, among other things, would like to grow sweet peas, climbing up an obelisk. Is this possible and where would I get sweet pea plants bcause we have no means of growing things from seeds.



You have scorching hot weather Massa! Lucky you it does nothing but rain here. Too late in the year to buy sweet pea plants now that will have to wait until next year. If you go along to your garden centre you will see what plants they have - not many sadly. Soon they will have the spring flowering bulbs which you can plant now. Make sure you add lots of humus rich compost to your new bed before you plant anything.

8 Aug, 2011


Hi Massa..
GoYpedia "Climbing Plants" includes some Sweet Pea photos.
I hope this helps..

I've added this Question to that category :o)

8 Aug, 2011


Hi Massa

i've grown two bamboo obelisks of sweet peas this year. THey are still producing masses of flowers and smell fantastic.

What i did was sow the plants, in a greenhouse, in toilet rolls (as root trainers) in October. Grown this way they are really sturdy plants come the spring and don't need pinching out.

I planted 6 to 8 plants around the obelisk in early May and trained them up. If you have a look at my profile you will see some pictures of them.

They must be deadheaded every few days. The more flowers you cut, the more the plants produce.

8 Aug, 2011


You can actually sow sweet peas direct where they are to flower. They flower later than if started under glass, but don't sow too early in an effort to hurry things along. Most garden centres and nurseries will have the plants in the spring though.

8 Aug, 2011


All your comments are well and good but Massa appears to be wanting to plant sweet pea seedlings this year... which will not work!

8 Aug, 2011

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