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By Str100

East Lothian, United Kingdom

Has anyone seen a foxglove like this before? It was sown from my own seed, and I now have four plants like this. It grows to about 2ft high, very compact and longer lasting than my other foxgloves. The lower petals start out as a buttery cream and darken to the same pink as the rest of the petals. The lower petal is sharply pointed.



No, never seen that before and I've always had foxgloves in my garden. Looks like a winner, that one. I wonder what the seed from it will turn out like?

8 Aug, 2011


Hilliers brought out a new one at Chelsea last year it is rather like yours it is called Digitalis Serendipity and their website is

8 Aug, 2011


I've seen the serendipity one Jen-h, its beautiful but a little different (I'd like to think!). Mine is a deeper color and the bottom petal is completely seperate from the others, and matures to a very pointed tongue.

Ojibway, sadly they don't seem to be holding onto their seeds, but I have discovered a lot more of them flowering late. Maybe I will try to take cuttings.
Anyone got any idea how to take foxglove cuttings?

17 Aug, 2011


It might be worth you asking a nursery someone like Hilliers or Hardy plants (who had the best new flower at Chelsea this year Anemone Wild Swan) if you have a new plant.

18 Aug, 2011

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