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growing friut and veg in a bak yard


By Lisa123

wrexham north wales, United Kingdom Gb

i have a concreat back yard i want to grow my own veg and fruit help what do i do? lisa



Are you able to make drainage holes in the concrete?. Tubs, troughs and raised beds may be part of the answer. If you have room, a cold frame or greenhouse could also be used.

5 Feb, 2009


Grow them in large pots - better still, half-barrels. You can get bags to grow potatoes in, and if it's a sunny area, strawberry pots for both strawberries and herbs.

I know that some members have built raised beds with large timber. You can also buy kits to do this.

There are plenty of things you can do!

5 Feb, 2009


Just another tip. If you want to grow fruit trees, use Spritz' advice on half barrels, or Bob's advice on tubs and raised beds and plant 'family trees'. 3 different types of apple or pear on the same dwarfing rootstock. They pollinate each other and take up little space.


5 Feb, 2009


Lisa, I have just read your profile, I see you want chickens, perhaps you might be better off getting bantams as you are in a confined space.

5 Feb, 2009


to doctorbob1 thankyou i am all new to this

5 Feb, 2009

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