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When and how much should I prune my shrub

ESSEX, United Kingdom Gb

I should like to know how much to prune my shrub as it has doubled in size since last year.  It is filling the maximum space now and I don't want to have to move it. Also how soon should I prune it?




I would prune it late March, you will see new green shoots forming, prune 2inches above a green shoot pointing upwards, to what ever size you would like it to be, and cut out any crossed over or dead wood, and then feed with bonemeal to give it a boost, I hope I have made sense. Good Luck

5 Feb, 2009


This is really, really easy to propagate. Cut off 3or 4 inch shoots and take off the lower leaves. Put them round the side of a small pot of compost, and water. Every one will root, trim them to get them to bush out and there you are...lots more. I have recently pruned mine back to about 2 feet, I might take it back further in Spring. Use the prunings for more cuttings.

7 Feb, 2009

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